Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Home Sweet Home

Both G and I grew up nomads.  Our families traveled and moved across the country and oceans as we were growing up...and yet,  as teenagers our paths were only a couple of miles apart, strangers to each other.  In adulthood our paths finally intersected.  This traveling and moving bug is deep in us but we find now that having a home base makes us happy.  Now on our travels we take a bit of home with us and love arriving home as much as we love taking off, LOL.

We have cleaned the camper and restocked for the next adventure and it is especially satisfying to know that I finished a stitchery!  Which is part of taking something from home with me on the road.  Having a few projects from home allows me to feel connected to base camp.

This little stitchery is by Kathy Schmidt and is actually only 1 block in a BOM.  I just wanted to do the one block.  I also wanted to add a little texture to it and so instead of stitching the leaves I used wool.  You can click on the photo to enlarge.  It is now hanging on my wall of little quilts leading up the stairwell to The Bee Hive...the perfect spot.

Don't forget tomorrow to check in on
 The Quilt Show Anna & G On The Road...
and remember to give yourself some stitching time...
it's good for the soul.


  1. Welcome home to the hive, figuratively and literally! Lovely addition to Kathy's design Anna.

    Enjoy your time at home until your next adventure.

  2. This is a great finish....love the wool leaves. Hope your next adventure is lots of fun ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. ooohh those are itty bitty little wool leaves. Love how they add to the project.

  4. Those itty bitty bees sure look busy! Such a cute stitchery for your wall and sew appropriate! I'm always amazed at how much everyone else seems to get done. Not only done but framed and hung, Awesome! I'm in the process of cutting out Elizabeth Hartman's Dogs in Sweaters quilt. Almost there. The end of her instructions say to cut the remainder of the pieces on the length of grain. That always makes me nervous because I'm never sure if I'm going to get it cut straight. Keeping my fingers crossed! If you have any tips on how to do that please pass them on. :) Glad you're home and planning your next adventure!