Tuesday, June 13, 2017


When you are a kid time has no meaning.  As you age time takes on a life of it's own...as a student, time is measured in holidays and school vacation days.  Adulthood brings time being measured by days off, as opposed to days working, tax time, daylight savings time (depending on when you live) and seasons.  When you reach your 50's & 60's time is looked at in relations to  a future retirement, grandchildren and the changes in your body.  As a quilter time in measured in UFOs, WIPs and PIGs, LOL.

As for G and I, we have a front row seat not only to time ticking away in our life and our friends lives but, in our children...and it is such a blessing to be witness to the steps that we recognize.

This cool urban couple....

...is now heading to the next segment of time in a full life.

...and me...my time is currently highlighted by a UFO
 for my new grandson...
he should be here any day
 and, become the new CEO of time in our family!

Have a wonderful day...and take some time for yourself :)


  1. So true, and we appreciate that time, so much more.
    Love the quilt, such a fun pattern.


  2. Love the owl on the quilt, it looks like it's a Nyb all wrapped up in a quilt. Just like your grandson shiukd be soon.

    May they have a safe and wonderful journey soon.

  3. So exciting! I enjoyed watching the video of you and your DIL making a quilt for her friend. Your quilt is spectacular! Again, so exciting!

  4. Such true words. Your quilt is cute and she looks so big and ready to have that baby lol.

  5. He's not here yet!?! That's so unlike a Bates to be late.

  6. So cool Anna! Congratulations to you and your family. And that Gingiber quilt is super cute! As far as life, I remember when I was a teenager working my first job, it was four hours a day and I thought it was the longest day of my life. Summer's seemed endless and Christmas so far away. Now that I'm older I work 12 hours a day, Summer is seriously only three months, and once it's over Christmas is right around the corner! P.S. Thank you for the video!