Thursday, June 29, 2017

Catch Up Chit Chat

We enjoyed a wonderful week in Portlandia, enjoying a little city life but most of all to be with our "older" grandson...all 5 years of him (love 5 yr. olds).   Enzo got a sleep over and both boy and dog were happy.

I can't wait till this little guy can have a sleep over :)  
He is pretty darn chill.

I did a lot of walking, reading and stitching and even took in a movie while G was out playing in the Colombia River.  I can't remember who recommended this book but it is A++++ I enjoyed every page!!! So put it on the top of your list!

...also this movie was a powerful on so many levels and definitely worth seeing!  Based on a true story of a young Marine and her bomb sniffing dog who went on a 100 missions together in Iraq.  The power of love.

After arriving back in Sisters, G and I decided to go out to dinner. In the restaurant was a reminder of what is just around the corner!!  A sponsor quilt was hanging...This one was made by Jerry Lindstrom of Redmond Oregon.  It is getting exciting around here!!!

Have a great day...I have got a couple of more labels to sew!!!


  1. Silas looks like he was posing his "chilling out" attitude pose for you.

    Glad you had a good time in Portland. Did you see both grandsons or just Enzo's cuddler?

    Can't believe that at this time next week I'll be heading down to see the quilt show!

  2. I have a five year old 'grandson' now too! My daughter's boyfriend's son has come to live with them and I am enjoying every moment I can get with him! Five year olds are a blast!!!
    Your other grandson is as handsome as can be!
    I wish I could make it down to the quilt show. I opted to have animals and finding someone who will take care of them while I am gone is proving to be...nonexistent. Next year when my daughter has moved back from Tacoma, then I can do all the traveling I want. (well, within reason!)

  3. Grandchildren are the best! Thanks for sharing Jean's quilts...what a collection. Good luck with the show.

  4. Looks like the perfect week and the grand babies are so sweet, fun to have both ages to play and cuddle with;)