Thursday, April 6, 2017

Where In The World is Anna & G

Well we woke up to 27 degrees????  What the hey!!!  Although here it is sunny  and cold, we hear there is snow in the forecast back home.  We are so done with the cold after only one day, LOL...Enzo is not happy because we didn't bring his quilt from home.  With what we know is ahead of us according to our planned Itinerary...we have changed our minds!  And, that is the best part of Quilt Roadies is no one is the boss of us! Except Enzo and he has been complaining because we gave him a short haircut in anticipation of warm weather.  We are not heading any further north than the Grand Canyon and then it is back to the warmth of the desert!

This photo that G took while we sat outside watching the sunset is where we want to be...and we wished upon that first star in the photo for more quilt shop in the horizon...well, I wish for more quilt shops...not sure what G and Enzo were hoping for, LOL.

Lo and behold...we got an invitation from Jackie a subscriber to the Quilt Roadies to come down and visit a new quilt shop to us in Surprise, AZ.  We looked at the temperature and in a day or 2 we will be off and chugging down to a new quilt shop!  Thanks, Jackie!!!

Least you think I have not been getting anything done...I did finish stitching the first block "Give Thanks" on this wonderful wall hanging for my entry way.  That first block was  big and thread on black wool but now I get to work on the fun stuff...someday, LOL

Where ever you are, I hope you are warmer than us!  And, stitching....


  1. So happy that you are warm in AZ. We are in the midst of a snowstorm but it's above freezing so it won't be with us for long. How can it snow when it's above freezing??? Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!!

  2. The weather is extreme in the desert but that sunset is beautiful and i can imagine how beautiful the sky is, at night.


  3. Sorry to hear that the Grand Canyon isn't cooperating weather wise for you. Hope you get a chance to enjoy some of the views, is there much snow on the ground? I was there mid April one year and there was still quite a lot in areas.

    What fun to check out a new Quilt Shop, yeah!

  4. Curious what plans you gave up? My daughter and her family is in AZ right now - Sedona as we speak.....

  5. The Grand Canyon is NOT the place to go until June :) We live in NW AZ (100 miles south of Las Vegas) and we're at 3500 ft. elevation so the nights can be "chilly"...but not as chilly as the Grand Canyon area. Flagstaff is still getting snow off and on, too. If you want warmth, heading back to the "Valley of the Sun" would be smart :)

    1. one year we went into the Canyon by train.....dressed in shorts and all cause it was sunny and hot in Williams. Saw the most spectacular lightening storms on the way in....and as soon as we got out at the depot in the Canyon we ran for the bathroom and changed into jeans and jackets! Gotta love the desert!

  6. Calling for 2" of snow here in Northern Ohio tonight and tomorrow. Brrrr there goes our blooming trees and flowers.

  7. 23 degrees yesterday morning and forecast for high of 75 today in South Dakota. Wishing I was in Arizona, love the city of Sedona! Happy Trails