Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sorry :)

Sorry for the late blog post...been having too much fun!

I have put away the feather weight for the remainder of the adventure and am now going to focus on more handwork.  I have decided to work on another block of the Thanksgiving Wallhanging by Buttermilk Basin . 

The list of accomplishments thus far is...

1.  pieced the last 3 blocks of the 2015 Designer Mystery
2.  pieced all the flannel blocks for the grey bunny baby quilt
3.  pieced all the blocks for the Thicket Quilt
4.  pieced all the steps except the last one for the Roll Call quilt
5.  hand stitched a block for the Yoko Saito BOm
6.  hand stitched a block for the Fresh Trees BOM
7.  hand stitched a block for the Thanksgiving BOM
8.  hand stitched the Buttermilk Basin Fall Mat

Not bad considering all the outdoor activity that was going on!

As we count down to our final week + my goal is to finish the Kathy Schmitz blackwork embroidery and to start stitching on another of the Thanksgiving BOM blocks...wish me luck!!!


  1. Your blog is so enjoyable to read. Love seeing the country, different quilt shops, hearing about your quilt projects, and knowing you have troubles on the road too. You handle (or appear to handle) it all so well. Have a safe trip home and I will follow your adventures. Patty Mc

  2. Sounds like you have made great strides!
    Hoping the rest of your journey is a great!
    Hope to see some more projects as you get to them.

  3. Your self-discipline amazes me; and am hoping to learn to be as you. So much I want to do and not getting any younger lol. Am enjoying your adventures and videos. Love the quilt shops and have my 2015 issue of Quilt Sampler so I can reread about 3 Dudes quilt shop. Sorry about the camper breakdown; but loved that car you were stitching in!!

  4. You have been really busy with the trip and your sewing. The nice thing about camping is, not as many distractions, so you can sit and relax during your down time.


  5. Phew! I feel tired just thinking about all tgat sewing.I have been enjoying the road trip and Im mighty impressed by all the projects you've managed to stitch :-)

  6. Quite the list of accomplishments this month Anna! Congrats. I've gotten waylaid with a few new projects. Can't believe you are down to the last week.

  7. Wow, so many accomplishments. Our playful dog Luna, goes up and barks and gets excited when she sees Enzo.