Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quiltworx At Arizona Quilts

Judy Niemeyer is synonyms with fantastically complicated patterns which are supposedly foolproof is you use her techniques for construction.  A few of the Fabric Stalkers are die hard Judy fans and so I have seen a few of these beauties at retreat.  But, I have never succumbed...maybe...I could be tempted....

When I visited Arizona Quilts there was a Judy Niemeyer class being taught by Kelly who is a certified Quiltworx instructor.  Striving for student success Judy has developed a curriculum so that instructors of the Quiltworx patterns would  teach her specific techniques and thus a student could come away with a spectacular quilt!

This list was taken directly from the Quiltworx site and lists what the certified instructors are trained for...

  • To Teach Patterns that they have completed and Can Provide Samples of
  • To Conduct Lectures and Trunk Shows with your Quilt Shops and Guilds
  • To Teach at your Quilt Shows and Conferences and Provide a Vendor Booth,
  • To Provide you with Assistance in doing Demonstrations and Kitting for Judy's Products
  • To offer Samples, as they have available, to Advertise your Classes with them
  • To Bring your Judy's Technique of the Month Program

This is a peek at the pattern which Kelly was teaching...

I might have to think about this....

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!!  
Fabric Stalkers on rock!!!


  1. Her patterns are beyond gorgeous, but, for me, they are way too time consuming. I know I'd never finish one so it's not on my bucket list. I get distracted too easily and if something is too complicated or too many itty, bitty pieces, I get bored with it and won't finish. Fabric is too expensive for me to spend a ton of money on only to have it sit unused. I'm only an intermediate quilter, so I don't think I'd be qualified either for this advanced type of sewing.

  2. I love her designs and almost took a class but couldn't get the time off. I do have one of her table runner patterns I think.

    Lovely colours in that first picture.

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  4. Those are amazing quilts, love her designs.


  5. If you started with a simple/beginner pattern you would be shocked at how easy it is! You need to be organized. Go to YouTube and watch her video!