Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quilt Roadie Drama

I know that those of you that see my Instagram and Facebook know about the fiasco of the last couple of days...and, we will be documenting some of it on the Quilt Roadies Vlog once we catch up on our rest.  One of the #1 things I have noticed as of late is you rarely get a straight person tells you one thing...and then another tells you something different.  Maybe because I come from a medical background where fact as relayed, when not the truth makes headlines...I am frustrated by the variety of stories or alternate facts we live with!  And, so begins our saga...first let me share how blessed we were that we broke down...not on a freeway...but in front of 3 Dudes Quilt Shop!  I lucky am I, LOL...and, to console myself I bought fabric...did I ever share with you that fabric has medicinal properties?!

First...the time frame was much longer than Good Sam said it would be...then, I called back and made sure that the tow truck driver would have room for 2 adults and a dog.  Was put on hold and then when she came back on line said no problem we would all fit.  The real fact, dogs was not allowed in the cab of the truck (even though there was room) because one time a tow truck driver was bit by a dog...Enzo barely even bites his food! And so Enzo had to remain in an RV that was being dragged by the tow truck by me an over protective dog owner but really??? The driver wouldn't let me stay back there  with him for safety reasons but it was ok for my dog?  Enzo survived and we arrived safely...and the driver was very nice overall.

We arrived at the dealer after 3:00.  No way would they be able to get us in till the next day.   They had the tow truck driver drop us on a dead end street near the dealership with HWY 10 behind us.  We aren't allowed to stay in our RV on the dealers property.  Urban boon docking with a highway behind us meant no sleep. The mechanic said we would drive the short way to the shop.  We arrived the next day at 7 am  exhausted.  When we checked in we were asked why didn't  we just stay on the dealers property???? I was told they let people do that all the time?! Someone didn't tell our guy?!  What is it with the alternate facts that seem to be pervasive in our society???   We camped out in their plush lobby all day with free range to food, drink, restrooms, docking stations and comfortable chairs.  Every one worked hard to get us fixed up and the Clampetts would moved out of their nice lobby, LOL.  I did a little stitching but truly was too exhausted to do much.

All we needed was a place to sleep last night and in our search for propane we found the sweetest little park with 32 spots and only 5 people camping...clean, nice and quiet :)  Best of all it is across the street from an RV repair place since our Fridge only works when we are plugged in...just like a home, an RV needs constant maintenance.

Thank you for listening...I am now officially off my soap box, LOL


  1. Been there, done that sans dog, but staying in the dealer parking lot for not one, not two, but three nights. Such fun - not. Did meet the nicest people - also staying for three nights so enjoyed sharing meals with them.

    When you think about it, it's a miracle our RVs hold up to so much jostling. There are lots of wires and pipes in our traveling homes and our roads are not in the best of shape.

    Hope this doesn't happen again, and if you ever get to Tucson again, please look us up. We go for 3 months every winter. It'd be great to meet you in person. Hugs, Diane

  2. We travel with a travel trailer. One time we were pulling into a campground very early in the morning. . . and our truck died before we could get into our spot. We slept in the RV since we had to wait for the office to open to see if they had a vehicle that could tow our rig into our spot. Got up an hour or so later to find a rather terse note on our truck that we were not in an assigned location and need to have the truck & trailer moved or we would be towed off property.

    The office staff was a little red-faced when we walked into the office & told them that if our truck hadn't died we would have been in our spot.

    Got a tow for the truck AND one for the trailer and it all ended well. . . .but I don't want to go through that again. LOL

  3. Glad to hear it ended up a short adventure and hopefully you are back enjoying your quilt roadies travels and adventures.

    I'm guessing there may be a video to augment this experience. So happy your visit to 3 Dudes managed to happen and you had the pick me up medicine ot fabulous fabric and quilt viewing.

    My heart goes out to dear Enzo and glad he coped alone alright. The adventures he's had on this trip have been quite noteworthy by themself.

  4. I hope the balance of your trip is less stressful. Happy Easter.

  5. poor Enzo - that must have been scary for him! Glad it all ended well, but wish it had worked out better.

  6. Frustrating experience, but so much nicer to spend time in a Mercedes dealership with such nice perks. Except for the 'alternative facts'! I hope Good Sam warranty took good care of you. We are about to test ours next week. We haven't heard good reports from people lately on the Good Sam coverage. We shall see. Take care. So glad you were in an urban area when L'il Buffalo went rogue on you.

  7. Glad you got it taken care of and can continue your adventures. We are going to try a long weekend, close to home, want to test out everything before we go further.


  8. Years ago when we traveled (and lived) in our fifth-wheel, we were in TX on a Sunday heading to Brownsville, TX when our diesel truck ran out of gas. We had an extra tank but my husband didn't get it switched over in time so we were dead in the water. Parked in front of a nice Mexican lady's house and she wanted to feed us and told us to use her bathroom if we needed to. We called Good Sam and explained what happened and how big our truck and trailer was (40' trailer plus diesel truck) so we needed a large wrecker. Being Sunday, we waited all day and when the wrecker finally arrived it was just a small wrecker. He didn't speak English but he just shook his head and left. I called Good Sam back and it was several more hours before a large wrecker showed up. They towed us to the wrong dealer (we needed a Dodge dealer) and just dumped us off in the parking lot. The next morning when everyone showed up for work, the manager came out and told us we'd have to move because we were blocking the bays. After we explained what happened with the wrecker, they towed us to the right dealer. It took all day to get the truck started again. That was only a small part of our travel "adventures" with the truck and trailer.

  9. Oh my sorry for your troubles. We call that misinformation "doing their job for them"! So frustrating. Mine seems to happen especially when dealing with medical billing and health insurance. Don't know why they can't communicate with each other rather than me "doing their job for them". That wouldn't even bother me so much except it takes months and many phone calls to straighten things out. Glad your ordeal didn't take that long and Enzo wasn't too traumatized. Good thing 3 Dudes was there to help ease your pain and suffering! Lol!

  10. Very glad you all made it out of this safe, especially your dog Enzo. I can understand the driver’s position as he doesn’t know each dog but as a dog owner, I would be worried sick! You are so right, quilting does have medicinal properties. World War III could be going on around me and I would be content and stress free with my quilt!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV