Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Edition of the Bee Hive News

I swear I have been stitching...just not enough to show.  I am working away on the Fall Buttermilk Basin table topper.  It is so fun to be stitching on wool...soooo relaxing, LOL ... as if I need more relaxing time!  I did run across this wonderfully embellished bench and it reminded me of a quilt.  Inlaid tiles with a message to share.

I shared this photo on Instagram and Facebook but I didn't share what it was...such an interesting drink.  I wanted to have a margarita and this fabulous spot we found offered a specialty margarita.  The rim of the glass is coated with turmeric & chili...yes, chili!  And besides a traditional lime ~ tequila margarita mix they added cilantro, cucumber and a pickled jalapeno!!! I am hear to tell you it was delicious!  Especially with my grilled chicken, crisp bacon, fresh avocado/jalapeno spread, tomato and fresh a meal...back to cooking in the RV!

I had to revoke someone's bail because he was going to take me to a place where snow is how!!!  After much discussion between the accused and the accuser it was decided we would stay in the Tucson area for a while longer.  The weather is better and we have only seen the tip of the ice berg...or rather cactus! LOL

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend...since we are going to be hanging around I have found a couple more quilt shops to scope out,  so stay tuned on the Quilt Roadies!


  1. Love the bench, the meal sounds lovely but not too sure about the Margarita. Glad you only kept G locked up a short time, would be hard for him to sleep in that cell.

    I think there is or was a quilt shop out toward San Xavier del Bec. It was in a lot of tent like structur s, but may not be there any longer.

  2. I think it's called Quilter's Desert Patch!

  3. They closed this year. The owner passed away. Another great shop to visit is the Quilt Basket. It's my favorite Tucson quilt shop. Wide variety of fabrics - wools and Japanese taupe and really nice people. They have a completed Jen Kingwell quilt in the classroom that is gorgeous. We' spend our winter in our RV in Tucson. Love it.

  4. Your sunshine looks so appealing on a cold, dreary, drizzling day in Northern Ohio.

  5. Ha ha.. I think I know what you mean regarding staying in Tucson rather than maybe somewhere north of there? April 8, 2011 we were in the Grand Canyon and then Sedona.. 4" of snow overnight. Sending you evidence via email.

  6. So very fun to travel along with the two of you. My tulips and daffodils are heavily blooming at the same time you are enjoying the cacti blooms! All beautiful!