Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On The Road Again....

...like a band of gypsies we go down the highway...(Willie Nelson)

Besides The Christmas Goose The Red Rock Canyon just 8 miles outside of Las Vegas is my favorite...so far, LOL.

 The variety of terrain  was spectacular and the weather was perfect!  The only thing that was disappointing was the fact that I did not see one Tortoise!!!  Although there were several signs warning about them crossing the road.  How did the Tortoise cross the road?  The same way as the chicken!!!

I have been fitting some stitching time in between all the outdoor time.  Having the mobile Bee Hive aka a sewing room has made this trip perfect.  The only thing missing is the girlfriends.  But just so I don't feel too smug about stitching on the road I got this photo from my friend Robin...who has finished her piece from Sandra Leichner's Class at Empty Spools 2017...drats!!! I didn't even bring my on this trip.  Isn't it adorable!  Now I really wish I had brought it because seeing hers makes me want to work on it...oh well, I brought more than enough to keep me busy!

Best wishes on stitching...I am going to meet some of my March Goals...I am.. wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'...Plannin' and dreamin' each night of my goals...(Dusty Springfield)


  1. You need to add some bird song to Robin's photo from your Las Vegas video. Nice quick finish Robin!

    Some great scenery photos. Don't recall seeing those tortoise crossing signs before.

    I'm sure you three are enjoying the blue skies and warm weather!

  2. Some trails are happy ones, others are blue, it's all the way you ride the trail that counts, here's a happy one for you...Happy trails to you ......Roy Rogers.....๐Ÿ˜‰. Have a great trip Janet (daisychainmama)

  3. We live in Kingman, AZ, which is 100 miles south of Las Vegas, and Route 66 runs right through here, so we have a LOT of Classic/Antique car events here. I love the mountains and deserts of AZ. We're at 3500 feet elevation and it keeps us a little "cooler" than Phoenix. You need to visit Bullhead City, AZ/Laughlin, NV area and also Lake Havasu City, AZ to see the London Bridge. Beautiful area :) Have safe travels.

  4. Amazing scenery along the way, I hope you have a wonderful trip and look forward to seeing more.


  5. Cute post, willie ! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. On a trip to Vegas last year I discovered the Christmas Goose (thanks to your 2016 post). It was definitely the best thing Vegas had to Offer!
    I'm a big fan of your posts.

  7. Love following you as you travel...just bits of sunshine here in the valley...

  8. I came over from the quilt show link. I had a standard poodle for 14 years, it was good to see yours. I'm going to check out that book, I am so unhappy with the state of hate nowadays.

  9. All of you folks traveling out west are making me homesick for Vegas. Lived there 11 years,and we did a lot of weekend camping. Red Rock was always a favorite.