Monday, March 27, 2017

Leaving Las Vegas ~ Hoover Dam ~ Salome, AZ


  1. I bet the desert is gorgeous this spring. I've been to Arizona once and will definitely have to go back. So much to see there! Love the cooking episode...made me grin! We cook omelettes in bags when we're camping. We're usually boondocking so we boil the omelette contents in a cooking bag. Recently I found some silicon sandwich type bags that are dishwasher safe that we tried yesterday. Work great. Boil for about 20 minutes....awesome omelettes! Next time we'll try them in the microwave to see how they turn out there. Have fun! Looking forward to your next adventure.

  2. We got turned onto the scone mixes by Sticky Fingers Baking Co (we usually buy them on sale at Cost Plus) when we stayed at a B&B in Jackson. Have never tried the ones at TJs.....will have to check them out. Love the fact you have one of your organizer boards hanging in your RV too!

  3. Wish we could have seen some of those flowering cacti you've shared. Where does uncle live in the east? He sure handles that quad well, as did G. Glad you reconnected with him.

    Those scones sound good, bet they smell wonderful when baking. Where was Enzo? Missed him. Safe travels!