Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bee Hive News

I know I am sounding like a broken record but not only did we have a wonderful family visit...I learned so much from G's Uncle Curtis...he is definitely the Professor of the Desert!!!  

He really knew his plant life and one of the more interesting plants was what is known as the Jumping Cholla.  It is a cactus which when brushed will drop round segments onto the ground.  The ground is covered with them.  You should never touch these cactus because all the spines are reversed barbed and are very painful....it is said that if you get to close, it will jump onto you.  Don't believe me just view You Tube videos on the Jumping Chollas!!!

Ground chipmunks will some how be able to transport these balls  and stack them around the entrance to their burrows so snakes can't enter!!!  Truly an amazing desert!

It is a wonderful time we live in...when I think my mother would send a letter to her mother and it would take 3 months to reach her, I am so grateful that I am easily connected to events and people back home!  Received an email with a beautiful photo of this years poster for Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show  just lovely!

I have been missing the So 'n Sew Sisters stitch gathering and they have been busy bees!  Linda finished her Yoko Saito BOM from Primitive Gathering.  I love the changes she made to the border design!!!  I still have 3 blocks to finish before I can even begin to think about the border!!


I hope you are having a wonderful week and that Spring has begun to show up!


  1. Love that G's jeans and his uncles shirt match the sky! Curtis sounds like a very wonderful guy.

    Thanks for the heads up on that cactus, it looks like it might be tempting to touch to see it it soft.

    Linda did an amazing job on her quilt. I'll have to find a picture to see what the original borders look like.

    Happy trails.

  2. Enjoyed your video yesterday! That quilt show poster is beautiful...kudos to the designer on that one. The Yoko Saito BOM is gorgeous; and I wish I had the self discipline that you do for your work....you get so much done! My girlfriend from NY and I are a little bit jealous of your travels with G in that cute motor home of yours; and those visits to all those fun, lovely quilt shops. You are trully blessed Anna! Still about a ft of snow here on the ground in Maine; so will be a while before we see grass and flowers coming up.

  3. It is amazing how something that seems so desolate can be so beautiful and teaming with hidden life. I love the poster they did.


  4. Great PSA about the Jumping Chollas! Thanks for the information you learned about the desert. It sure looks beautiful there!
    I'm enjoying seeing what you are up to and loving the videos!

  5. Hi Anna! Im finally having a semi quiet day and able to sit and relax, reading your blog and getting caught back up on a few things! Isnt the new quilt show illustration beautiful! I really like it! Fun to follow along as you are traveling and great to see and hear about all the places you are enjoying! Thanks so much for sharing!