Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Mystery

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Spent a great day at Sew Many Quilts at a Valentine Mystery Party hosted by Mary Ann.  We were provided with all the supplies to create a an adorable wool Valentine pillow.

One of my dear friends has been on the go...jet setting in two states for her job...but now, she is retired!!!  and back in Central Oregon :) and we decided to spend part of Saturday stitching.  

Mary Ann and Gayle provided quite a spread to keep our sugar levels up for attentive stitching, LOL and the conversation was lively.  

I got quite a bit stitched in the workshop.  I will be adding a few more embellishments.  I hear that they will be offering more of these Mystery Stitch Days and I highly recommend participating...it was nothing but a great time!

The days are getting longer and we have had some sunshine....instead of snow! And both G and I are getting itchy to take the Featherweight on the road!  But, I realized for the travels ahead I am going to have to organize 2 months worth of goals and projects to work on!!!  OMG...I have got to start organizing!!!  Wish me luck!!!
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