Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sit 'n Stitch

I love Sit 'n Stitch at Sew Many Quilts because there are absolutely no just show up and start stitching...and I mean any kind of stitching, wool, embroidery, cross stitch...anything that can be done by hand :) is where I can go to be inspired.  What I know is after I have been to a Sit 'n Stitch group I will leave with at least 3 new projects I just must stitch, LOL!  Here are just a few of the inspirations that were shared today...I posted the photos individually so you can click on them to enlarge.

A sweet little wool & cotton stitchery

cross stitch (I have to make this one!)

Look at this Buttermilk Basin Free BOM that was embroidered 
rather than stitched in it!

A monthly cross stitch...with weee woolies

This one was in process but I can see the beauty...a nest

This sweet cross stitch is going to be an adorable pillow!

A wonderful show 'n tell by Leslie!  A wonderful 30's quilt.

...and look at these Sue Spargo blocks...
isn't the color scheme beautiful!

If today doesn't include some least you can dream about it :)
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