Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sit 'n Stitch

I love Sit 'n Stitch at Sew Many Quilts because there are absolutely no just show up and start stitching...and I mean any kind of stitching, wool, embroidery, cross stitch...anything that can be done by hand :) is where I can go to be inspired.  What I know is after I have been to a Sit 'n Stitch group I will leave with at least 3 new projects I just must stitch, LOL!  Here are just a few of the inspirations that were shared today...I posted the photos individually so you can click on them to enlarge.

A sweet little wool & cotton stitchery

cross stitch (I have to make this one!)

Look at this Buttermilk Basin Free BOM that was embroidered 
rather than stitched in it!

A monthly cross stitch...with weee woolies

This one was in process but I can see the beauty...a nest

This sweet cross stitch is going to be an adorable pillow!

A wonderful show 'n tell by Leslie!  A wonderful 30's quilt.

...and look at these Sue Spargo blocks...
isn't the color scheme beautiful!

If today doesn't include some least you can dream about it :)


  1. Love the Sue Spargo birds! Great color scheme!!

  2. They all look like great projects. I love going to Sit and Sew to see what everyone is working on and catch up on everyone's lives. Such a fun time.

  3. Lovely projects andI seem to recall you now have a couple of empty project boxes.....Maybe not for long lol 😉

  4. When I first saw a thumbnail picture of the Sue Spargo bird on the lower left I thought ir was an owl! Then I saw the larger picture and realized ot was the moon that tricked me. She is doing a gorgeous job with the neutral palate.

    Love the Spring word cross stitched piece.

  5. As always as always thanks for sharing

  6. What those sure are great projects!
    Love the first one especially
    ( I love the bird, basket, and the blues)!

  7. Ah you were in my part of town! Gail had encouraged me to start coming to their sewing groups since it is near my house. Lovely projects as always (you are so talented), maybe sometime I will pop over and stitch with the group

  8. Really beautiful pieces and I love the different version of Sue's birds.