Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Long Arm vs Sweet 16

I have had a few quilters ask me about why I decided to trade in my Long Arm...and, what I like about the Sweet 16.  A little back history...I used to own a Gammil with a 12 foot table.  I loved it and quilted many quilts on it...the machine hummed and I had a great space with more than enough room.  But, a move came and the next house did not have space for a 12 ft. Long Arm and so I sold it.  This was followed by several years of Quilt by Checkbook for the larger quilts.  I do love Quilt by Checkbook...but, it does impact the quilting budget.

When we left that house and moved to the latest digs my sewing room grew again and I started thinking about a long arm.  After a couple of years I went for it...not thinking about the impact of the machine on the way my room functioned.  It was a snug fit at 10 feet and it meant I had to get rid of my comfy chair.  The comfy chair not only was great for stitching but G would come up and hang out...and, I could sew a little longer.  Because the room is so bright on dreary winter days he sometimes would bring wine up at Happy Hour and we would hang out and talk.    The other thing...I am 10 years older and it was physically challenging on my back and shoulders to pin the quilts to the leaders along with the back and neck strain  leaning over the quilts to continually check my quilting.  I wanted to love it...but, for some reason I wasn't feeling the love.  You have to understand that I come from a long line of peeps who are constantly on the move and to put a quilt on and have to finish it before I could quilt another one...well, it was not me.  I like to quilt a little on several quilts.  

With the Sweet 16 I can sit and quilt with a large throat machine and I like that the machine is facing me just like the long arm.  Visually you can really see what you are working on.  Plus when I get bored working on quilting blocks I can put it aside and work on another quilt.  Since I use the fusible 80/20 Hobbs layering quilts has never been a problem.

There will be a learning curve but I can tell already that I made the right decision of me at this time in my quilting life.

And now...I have a comfy chair back and my Tuffet has a perfect spot!

So...there is my story and I foresee many days of quilting in my future!

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