Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tick Tock...Tick Tock

Tick Tock...time really slows down when Mother Nature is playing games with us.  We are now in the middle of rain on top of all this snow.    There have been several roof collapses on buildings just from the weight of the snow!!!  Temperature is rising and we hope the snow melts fast!

My 13 year old second cousin is raising money for a trip to Washington DC with her school.  The way she is raising the money is with any donation towards her trip she will draw you a Dragon!  I was blown away when I received my requested Snow Dragon named, Totafita Ir which means Favored One.  Isn't she adorable!!  And look she is having a nice cup of coffee while looking at my view!  Such a clever way to raise funds.

Yesterday a few stitching friends got together for lunch and you would have thought we hadn't see each other in years instead of a month.  The weather has kept us  home bound  and we sure did miss each other.  Everyone was talking at happy to see each other.  It is a fact stitching friends make life so much more joyful.

I finished my Halloween top that was in a UFO pile.  Next will be the quilting.  I now have a good pile of tops that need quilting.  I do believe I have become a bit of a topper, LOL!

I am chipping away at my goals list and feeling pretty darn good...still 13 more days of this month I do believe I will make a nice dent in the list.  I have a request to do another tutorial on my wool prepping and so will be working on that this weekend using the Free BOM by Buttermilk Basin stay tuned!  Have a wonderful stitching weekend!


  1. What a talented cousin you have, very imanative way of fundraising. I'm sure she will meet her goal quickly.

    I'm sorry to hear about the roof collapses, probably part of the problem is homes that are insulated too well. Remember seeing all the icicles forming on old houses due to the heat escaping and melting the snow.

    Glad a group of you managed to get together for a visit and you are meeting your goals this month.

  2. Good-evening Anna, G and Enso!I enjoyed your last tutorial on the scroll stitch so much that I was ready to take a little road trip myself and visit Sue Spargo's shop to pick up wool thread for my Primitive Gatherings BOM that arrived today. I was all loaded up and on the road when I had the brainstorm to give them a call and confirm hours, boy was I bummed that they are only open 2 days a week. But I found a Starbucks grabbed a hot coffee and headed home to see what I have on hand and dive right in!
    Stay warm and keep on stitching! I am right there with you in spirit!

  3. What a fun idea to raise money and it looks like she is a budding artist. I hope the snow melts before it freezes again, that would definitely be heavy on the roofs.


  4. Looking forward to your tutorial this weekend. I have printed off the new BOM from Buttermilk Basin but I don't have the wool for it yet. Darn! So I will follow along with your tute but only in my mind until wool can be found.