Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Goal Review & February Goals

First I want to share with you how powerful it has been for me to write down my goals.  It is like a switch in my brain occurred when i put my stitching intention to the dry erase board.  I approached my goals list with grace.  First, I changed it on paper until I had a list that I liked and then wrote it on the dry erase board.  I kept it realistic...and, I allowed myself to acknowledge that I may not meet all the goals.  Also, the goals list does not preclude me working on other projects as my whims change.  I have to say there is a real satisfaction in crossing off a met goal, LOL.  

As I pondered my February Goals I approached it the same way.  I wanted to mix it up, be realistic and have some fun.  The list is a bit longer than January's but I still think I kept it realistic...we shall see by the end of the month.  

G is a Ground Hog baby so this week we will be celebrating and dreaming of our first 2017 RV trip.  I have to start plotting in February because we will be leaving in March some time.  I need to be prepared for stitching on the road!  Will anyone out there in Blog Land be stitching on the road this year???
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