Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Yesterday I started working on the last item on my December Goals list...prepping a block of my Yoko Saito BOM.  I can now say I met all my December Goals!!!  I am working hard at clearing out the quilt cobwebs in my brain and gathering my plans for be sure and check in on Friday!

I hope today you'll take the time to read the Daily Blog A and G On The Road...and inspirational story :)

I have been doing a lot of reading over the holiday.  Finished 2 books!  The first one is The Woman in Cabin 10.  It was suspenseful but there were moments when I wondered about the main character.  Wasn't the best book I read but it wasn't the worst depending on your mood you may want to read it.

The the second book...The German Girl was a good read.  Another in a long list of WW2 theme'd books but as with others I did learn a lot I didn't know before.  I think you'll enjoy this read.

Today I am going to hide out in my sewing room and start prepping for a Fabric Stalker Quilt Retreat which will be coming up in a couple of weeks. A great way to start a new year!


  1. Enjoyed your daily blog encounter, what a happybencounter.

    I'm rereading the Outlander series again, waiting for the next season to come.

    Enjoy your day of prepping. I need to organize backgrounds for my next BOM that starts at the end of January. And a UFO to do with you.

  2. The German girl sounds like one I would like to read, love books like that. Will see if our library has it, I am sure they do. I am not getting much done, Bill is off this week and I have to keep him busy, driving me all over, haha.


  3. Wonderful article over at the "Daily Blog"... I'm going to make a sign of your words of wisdom... "You are only limited by the judgment and rules you force upon yourself"... so very true! Happy 2017!!!

  4. Thanks for the lovely posts. I enjoyed seeing your luncheon buddies' projects; Sandy gives me hope, LOL. Nothing I do is ever perfect, but it is always an enjoyable process as I am learning so much from blogging friends like you Anna. Happy Stitching in 2017!