Thursday, December 29, 2016

Plotting for Retreat & Goals

I completed my December Goals and spent some time yesterday figuring out my January Goals.  Right now I am wonderfully distracted from my goals because my sister and her family are visiting Bend for the rest of the holiday.  But I did spend the day in the sewing room while they were up playing on Mt. Bachelor!

Later next week is the Fabric Stalkers Quiet River retreat and since Robin already had her projects packed I felt a need to start planning on what I wanted to work on.  4 days totally dedicated to quilting means I can make some headway on my UFO's and also start a new project.  I was torn but finally narrowed it down to a nice pile!  Be sure you check in on Facebook and Instagram where I will be documenting my progress...but, that is for late next week.  For now I am tinkering and plotting for my 2017.  

I finished the most wonderful book!  I LOVED this book!  It was charming, wonderful and at moments brought tears of both joy and sadness.  Did I say...I LOVE this book.  So many characters with all their flaws and gifts...the main characters are a 7 year old girl and her grandmother.  This is a book I would read again!

The 2017 Quilters Affair Class and Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show info is released...just click Here

Tomorrow I will post a slide show of 2016, reveal my plans for 2017 and talk about my thoughts on the quilting world.  Have a great day!


  1. That is quite the impressive to do list on your white board Anna. I may have to find something similar to track my progress.

    The only time I do lists is when I go on vacation! Most of mine are kept mentally not on paper or board.

    Have fun visiting with your sister I'm looking forward to your year in review show.

  2. Sounds like a fun week! Playtime mixed with some progress and planning! This is my first glimpse of the 2017 Quilt Show are.. I LIKE IT!! A LOT!! Cant wait to browse the list of classes and read all about whats coming up!

  3. Off to a retreat, great way to start the New Year! I like that bulletin board...Organized chaos is always good! (Just kidding!)

  4. Off to a retreat, great way to start the New Year! I like that bulletin board...Organized chaos is always good! (Just kidding!)

  5. Well yesterday - thanks to you - I finished 2 UFOs. One was a washcloth and I only had to weave in two ends! The other was a bag that had to be sewn together - but now I am thinking it needs a liner so I guess I cant say it is completed. A 3d was one of the "what was I thinking of" so off it goes to Goodwill via Amazon!

  6. Glad to hear about the Grandmother book. I had ordered it to come on the Bookmobile. Just got it last week. But it is still in my book bag. Had better dig it out. A retreat already . . . you know how to have fun!

  7. I read ' A man called Ove' by the same author.... Loved it and I think you would too.

  8. I tried your goal setting system hoping to wrangle some progress on my projects! The result was that I am making more progress than I was giving myself credit for. Thanks for the push!