Thursday, November 17, 2016

Busy Bee

I have been keeping myself busy although without a plan...yesterday, I decided that I would feel better if my sewing room was a little more organized...and so...I started with the Stash.  OMG...what a job!!!  So far, only 1 and a half shelves cleaned up.  Once I get it done I will take a photo and share.  Just with a couple of shelves done the closet is looking like a control freak lives here, LOL. On Facebook they had a test to determine what percentage of your brain was right brain vs. left brain.  Only 15% of my brain is left brain!!!  This explains so much about my life...The word plan is not really a part of my vocabulary.  The 15% of my left brain is working hard to straighten out the stash.

This is my quote for the week πŸ’—

There are some sewing rooms that make you smile as soon as you step into them.  My friend Leslie has created such a space.  She has wonderful little quilts scattered about her home...but, her sewing room just lightens the heart.  I hope you enjoy the slide show and get all kinds of ideas!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a lovely creative space Leslie has made for herself. Very inspirational. Love your quote of the week.

  2. That's a beautiful slide show - and we know Leslie is honored and flattered that you would share that with others.

  3. Leslie is my neighbor and I have seen her wonderful sewing room first hand. It is a dream!!! Her amazing work makes their home feel so warm and welcoming. What an artist with impeccable taste!!

  4. I really need to clean my room, I can barely move in it;)
    Love seeing other sewing rooms and her home is beautiful.


  5. It is a wonderfully decorated cheerful space.Love all her little collections. I can see how you would get motivated by that inspirational sanctuary of sewing.

  6. That was a fun tour, not long enough! Loved all the treasures, fabric collections, and quilts! Cute doggies too :)