Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Chair Full of Bowlies

Today Lori and I head off to the Stitchin' Post for a bowl class with Hilde Morin.    Here are a couple of examples of Hilde's bowls.  It's a 2 day class of design and construction and will be interesting to see how our bowls turn out...wish me luck! 

This week I finished a James Patterson book and boy was it different from his previous publications.  I was hooked by the reviews.   The female main character may become Pope...Yes...Pope of the Catholic Church.  Step out from your normal book choices and take a chance with one that is challenging in so many different ways.

Have a great Thursday and and even better weekend!


  1. Those bowls look amazing, love that second one with the houses! Right along my whimsical road, have fun in the class.

  2. Those bowls are amazing and gorgeous! What a fun class!

  3. I love those bowls, something I would like to try. That looks like an interesting book, lately I have been using the iPad so I don't have to wear glasses.


  4. Beautiful bowls! Show us yours! Was it hard to make?

  5. Thank you for that quote at the end of your blog...I have not been watching the news nor listening to the radio since Tuesday. Except for my favorite blogs I am keeping away from media for a while. I've not seen bowls like Hilde's and they look quite interesting. I'm curious about the tell!