Thursday, October 27, 2016

Movin' Movin' Movin....

I tell my last post stated I am on a roll and it is all because of a change in the quilting brain waves!  Looking at my projects and putting them up on my design wall as I feel like working on them has cleared the clutter!  Yes...I still have a Matterhorn size pile of projects but dealing with them on the design wall individually has made a huge difference.  It's like when you go out to lunch with a friend and you turn your cell phone off because you know the relationship is one you want to spend time on and you don't want to be distracted by others :)

Talk about distractions I have great friends for that!  I prepped this project yesterday after seeing the "completed" project by Anne and Sandy.  I had a nice pile of woven towels to choose from and a lovely pattern from Buttermilk Basin although the more I look at it I think I may make it into a pillow for my cousin...isn't that what quilting is all about, sharing.

I finished  another block of my Yoko Saito BOM by Primitive Gatherings!  I love the color and feel of this BOM.

...and look at this adorable pillow I made!!  I love it!

Yes, it has been a productive couple of days thanks to the encouragement of fellow stitchers! Stitching in a group helps keep me focused and as Sandi says...the crow brain in check when they see something shiny, LOL  Oh lookie that.....hop hop hop


  1. I so know what you mean by 'something shiny'. I think my impulse control needs work in that category. My fondest wish would be to finish off past projects so I can start the new ones with no guilt. Btw, I love these neat projects you've shared today. How do you stay the course? I am so distracted by other tasks!

  2. Another temptation is reading blogs and seeing what folks are competing when you can't visit in person with them! Loving your Yoko's Saito blocks, and you Fall and cowgirl pieces are also great.

    I've finished the miles of bias tape appliqué and now to make a top for what it will be and make some more blocks so a big check can be added to this long overdue project.

  3. You have accomplished a lot of great projects... I need to get a few done so I feel the satisfaction of completion.

  4. All your projects are delightful, I am fond of the fall towel

  5. Wonderful pieces, you have been busy.


  6. It is amazing how many projects you have been working on, I love your cowgirl pillow! :-)