Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wonder Woman! GiveAway Count Down...

Tick Tock Tick Tock...tomorrow I leave on the Fall Fabric Stalker Beach Retreat and I am all ready!  I don't need another thing...and, I am thinking of creating a budget for the quilt shop in Cannon Beach...because the last 2 months I have partied on the road with the strength of Wonder Woman! It's time for a reality check, LOL.  The difficulty is the shop in Cannon Beach is featured in the most recent Quilt Sampler magazine. So, I know that they have added even more than when I was last there. Will I have the strength of Wonder Woman to resist...or will I be like a minion and follow the rest of the Fabric Stalkers to the cash register?

The highlight of the month is another finish!!!  This piece was one I designed and stitched in a workshop with Sue Spargo. Myrna from High Desert Frameworks wrapped the mat with linen...so beautiful.   I have always said that I excel as a quilt customer but this piece, makes me feel like a quilt artist :)  The workshop was to design a background for one of her peacock birds.  Those peacocks didn't talk to me so as a rebel I started from scratch and am so happy I did!  It is the perfect piece for our anniversary this month and I plan on hanging it on the wall in Portland.

Just a heads up...I for the most part will respond to all emails within a week? but usually I can't during a Give Away because there are too many but if you haven't heard from me otherwise it is because you return email isn't attached to your comment.  In the case of the Give Away it will be very important that you check back on the blog to see if you are a winner because I have no way of letting you know. :)

I will be taking a Woolie blog break until Tuesday Sept. 20th.  But, tomorrow you can check out the post on Anna & G On The Road which will feature Colleen Blackwood! And a video on Quilt Roadies. I will be posting on Facebook or Instagram.  The only post tomorrow will be the winner of the Give Away click on the give away link and leave a comment you are interested in the pattern.  Please be a follower of the Woolie Blog.  Have a great week!!


  1. Have a wonderful getaway and enjoy some beach time! May the weather be gorgeous!

  2. I can soooo identify with everything you said...and after seeing the photos of the Cannon Beach shop, I know, Id just have to stay at home and sit on my wallet. We are not going to speak about how much I spent in a very short visit to my favorite Sacramento shop last month.
    More importantly, I completely support you in your rebellion! The result is a piece of your heart and so much better than what might have been.

  3. No budget for Cannon Beach, just have fun! At least you work on and even finish your projects! Love your lovebirds piece!

  4. Have a great time on your retreat..

  5. Love that piece, really beautiful piece to commemorate your anniversary.