Monday, September 12, 2016

Packing & Re-packing

It has been a busy weekend what with the Sisters Folk Festival and packing for the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  It is hard to believe the Folk Festival is done for another year.  Such a wonderful event that supports the arts in our community and bring people from all over!  But, I have moved on to more important decisions...what to take to retreat.  I can't believe it is almost Beach Retreat time  and it can not come soon enough.  I make the most progress on my projects during retreat time. 

I have packed and re-packed.  Do you do that when you are heading to a retreat?  Let me explain...this is not a class type retreat with one project and the supplies for that project.  This is a group of friends traveling to a rented beach house  bringing whatever we want to work on..OMG!  I have changed my mind at least 3 times.  Trying to decide which projects I want to finish, start or make some progress on and most important,  making sure I don't run out of stuff to do (LOL)  I have finally narrowed it down to one over stuffed laundry basket.  In this one basket I have a handful of Row by Rows,  my Barn BOM,  Home For The Holiday, a Buttermilk Basin Mat, Sue Spargo Cuppa blocks,  wool Bittersweet Vine, Sashiko block, Kathy Schmitz embroidery, Crabapple Hill embroidery, a baby quilt and a brand new project....what do you think...can I getter done???

On a high note...I stopped by my son's house and my DIL had hung up my wool quilt!  It looked so awesome having a place to hang!  Quilting is about creating and sharing and I love that I get to see this quilt once in a while!

Hope your Monday is filled with lots of hugs!  Don't forget to click Here and leave a comment if you are interested in the Give Away!!!  Winner to be announced on Wednesday!!!


  1. The quilt looks lovely hanging in their home. Nice you can visit it often.

    My you are ambitious but better to have too much than not enough! But I'm doubtful that you'll work on them all. I'll guess 50-75%!

    My next goal is to start on my las round for my three Gwennie quilts and stitch my Buttermilk Basin O. My retreat is mid October and it would be great to start quilting the medallions.

  2. Sandi, oh ye of little faith! I will slip Anna stimulants to keep her working all night long. That's what Fabric Stalkers do for (and to) each other.

  3. You left me breathless with all the projects you are taking with you to do! It will be fun seeing what you are able to start and finish. How fun to see your quilt hanging in your son's home. Have a great time at the beach!

  4. You definitely don't want to get bored at that could happen, right! I always swear I'm only going to take a few projects and then keep adding to the pile! I don't always unpack every project from the car but it's there in case I need it.
    We have spent our anniversary week at the Oregon coast this week. Heading back to Montana Friday. Home for a week then a 2 week trip to Texas, home for a week and then my annual October retreat and I don't have a clue of what I'm taking. Lots of time to think about it on the drive to Texas! Have a fun, laughter filled retreat!