Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cattle Country Quilts & Crafts

The town of Joseph, Oregon reminds me of Sisters about 30 years ago.  A part of me wants it to stay it's little sweet self...where the road ends at the mountain and there is only one way back out.  But, when a town gets featured on the front cover of Sunset magazine...well, there is a change comin' on the wind.  I am glad we chose to visit although it seemed there were lots of others that had the same idea.  A Dragon Boat race on Wallowa Lake, a Thunder Run of Harleys and a Vintage car the cover of Sunset says, The Tiny Oregon Town On The Verge of Discovery...has happened.  We'll have a great video of the region on Quilt Roadies soon.  

Yep, with the start of bow hunting this guy was hanging out in the middle of town chilling...having a good laugh at all those hunters wondering where he went...just a building down from the quilt shop he was saying his prayers in the yard of the local church :)

Cattle Country Quilts is located in the middle of town which basically has one street of commercial businesses.  This shop has a little of everything and also carries a lot of western.  You won't suffer shopping here, LOL.  They are also blessed that one of our Quilter's Affair instructors Colleen Blackwood lives down the road a piece and is teaching several classes!  Quilt Roadies will have a conversation with Colleen in a couple of weeks along with a slide show on The Quilt Show, Anna & G On The Road.

Enjoy the slide show and we'll see your tomorrow :)

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  1. You really found some great shops to check out this visit.

    That cow appliqué on the tea towel cracked me up. That aunt Gracie's star quilt is lovely!

  2. For such a small shop they seem to carry quite a bit of variety...looks like you had a good time there.

  3. For such a small shop they seem to carry quite a bit of variety...looks like you had a good time there.

  4. What a fun shop and that deer is funny, no shooting within 100 yards of a building, he isn't stupid;)


  5. Exactly! Joseph is very much like Sisters was 30 years ago! Sleepier, with that amazing backdrop of mountains that always keep a touch of snow on them and beautiful bronzes on every street corner. Did G visit the Fly Fishing shop while you were at Cattle Country? If you go out the other end of town it will take you to Hells Canyon or across the winding Forest Service Road to Halfway. Beautiful drive in good weather when it's open.