Monday, August 22, 2016

Viva La Differance

Just when you think you are living in the perfect place on earth you visit someone and find out they too live in a perfect place!  That is the wondrous life of travel.  You get to see that this world is filled with beautiful places and fabulous people.  The culture of difference adds spice to life and hopefully expands our capacity of love, tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance.  

Even though we are a few days down the road both HH and I are still feeling the glow of our time with the Twisted Sisters in Gig Harbor.  I wanted to share the home of Robin who was our dinner hostess with the mostess.  Her home reflects her many talents and I came away with a load of fun of which... that she should adopt me so I can come live with her, LOL.  Enjoy the slide show...take notes because there are a lot of home decor and quilting ideas reflected in the slides.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. How many sewing machines total? I lost count! LOL! What a piece of heaven that harbor looks like.

    1. Bunches and bunches of machines...she can't let go, LOL

  2. What a fun group of China and mosaic pieces along with some great quilts and views. Thanks Robin for sharing your home with us thru Anna!

  3. Oh my, what a divine place to create. Lovely decorating and fun style. I could live there also. Thanks for sharing, both Robin and Anna.

  4. Loved it all! What a sense of color Robin has-and she's an obvious fan of Kaffe Fassett, as am I. I would kill for her deck and view!

  5. Exactly what I want... A deck with a water view... Two different water views! Indeed! Robins home is a visual delight. Makes me want to work on a mosaic table top... An old project of mine that never got off the ground. By the way, are the Twisted Sisters actually related? I remember meeting them at your house on Quilt Day, and thinking how wonderful it is that they rent that home near you for the week... Or is it longer than a week? How can I live in so many places? Have to figure it out... One season in Sisters, another in Gig Harbor, another in Santa Barbara, and maybe one in San Diego.