Friday, August 12, 2016


it is with a heart felt thank you to many of you that the Quilt Roadie Channel has reached over 500 subscribers...thank you so much for coming along on our journey!

Yesterday on closer inspection what we thought were eagles are actually the biggest Osprey we have ever seen!  According to the locals there are several nesting eagles but they don't like the Osprey and the feeling is mutual.  We have been enjoying the beach and have walked for miles.  Watching those huge tankers float by has been amazing!

I had to share photos of my latest book purchase which I found at Fiddlesticks!  I haven't bought a book in a while and I know it has been 20+ years since I bought a baby quilt book...but, this one was adorable!!  

These are my 3 favorite baby quilts in the book although it is only a fraction of patterns available!                                        

I have an old baby buggy at home that these quilts would look just perfect displayed to see if I have fabric in my stash????  Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. LOL I am betting you can find the right fabrics in your stash..
    safe travels.

  2. Looks like you are having great weather right now, hope it continues!

    We have a nesting pair of bald eagles in my area, the come and visit across the river and like to hangout on top of the hotel near me. In Brackendale towards Whistler there is one of the largest colonies.

  3. Beautiful shot of the ospreys, we do have large ones here, too. The nests are too high to get a good shot though and some are in the marshes but still fun to see them, especially when they have young ones. I doubt you have the right fabric and will have to buy more, haha.