Monday, August 29, 2016

Aunt Mary Has A Quilt Shop???

As we made our way east across Washington towards Leavenworth we stopped for a quilt shop respite in Arlington.  I had been told by my friend Sandi that Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop Row by Row used the coloring technique that I had learned at Crabapple Hill Studio.  Since we were passing by...why not stop and check it out.

You can tell as soon as you walk in that this shop is an oasis for the quilters far and wide in Washington.  The first thing you have to understand is that the owner is Carol...not, Aunt Mary...secondly...there is no Aunt Mary...Carol, just decided to name the shop Aunt Mary's and that is the full story.

This shop really does have something for everyone...novelty, modern, embroidery, applique, batiks...really...there is something here that you are going to want. 

And, sure enough the Row by Row does use the coloring technique used in many of Meg Hawky's much fun!  Check out the Quilt Roadies video today for a coloring lesson :)

Enjoy the slide show of Aunt Mary's shop.  If you see anything you have to have just give her a call.  She is more than will to ship it out to you but does not have an online presence.

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  1. Anna you did a lovely job of capturing the essence of Aunt Mary's. Carrol is such a lovely creative lady. Too bad you didn't peek into her restroom it has quilts and some fun whimsical thing.

    This new location is much larger than her old one. I see she has added some new tuffets since I was there. Her appliqué skills are wonderful, her shop is a must stop whenever I'm in the neighbourhood.

  2. I haven't written in a while but I just wanted to say I love you and your blog. I can live my dream by watching you. Thanks for taking the time to share this all with us. And I need to do my color embroidery the way you share. I believe it make a great improvement. Be safe and good health to you both.

  3. Another wonderful store and it is nice that you can see so many places and share them with us.