Friday, June 24, 2016


I really really wanted to throw a tantrum yesterday...I thought I had solved all my computer issues...but ya know...the computer is trying to take over. I not only cannot make slide shows but my all the emails, I won't be answering if you wrote... I think there must be an AI living in it. The Smilebox  program won't update their code and so it doesn't recognize the updated Flashplayer code...oh brother.  All I want to do is quilt and share quilting...I DO NOT want to be a computer expert!!! Whaaaaaa.  You might be seeing some slow downs in quilting information as I learn new programs...but, I am now zen with it and in the end it is quilting that keeps us all sane :)

After a couple of hours with the Geek Squad I went over to QuiltWorks to pick up my Row by Row.  It is adorable and I think it will be very popular!

I bought a 60 degree ruler a while ago and haven't used it but I loved this American table runner and so bought the fabric...I wonder if I can get it done before the 4th of July???  With the 60 degree ruler you can turn any border print into a sweet table runner!  Wish me luck!!!

Although I had high hopes of getting in a bit of stitching or prepping yesterday the computer issue forced me to spend a good portion of the day in Bend.  Today...I am staking my claim in the Sewing Room!  How about you...does life keep getting in the way of your sewing.  Have a great weekend and see ya back here on Monday.  Check out Quilt Roadies for a new video soon!


  1. Computer frustration is the worse Anna, hope it sorts itself out with the geek squad help.

    I was wondering why I'd not heard from you.

    My friend husband made that same statement many years ago about her quilting habit!

  2. I was totally tripped up by life yesterday too! Two 20 minute rush hour freeway drives to the Vets and back, 7:30 AM & 5 PM...ugh! In between were 2 trips to the post office! I'm trying to start that Parisian tuffet for Cutie Pie's birthday and was only able to trace two of the foundation sections!

    1. The 2nd Freeway Drive actually turned into an hour on surface streets because of a least Shooter was still sedated and didn't sing me the song of his people all the way home as he had done in the morning!

  3. Hey Anna, honestly....Smilebox has been such a bugger on my computer that I can no longer watch your slideshows. I wonder if your problems stem from that? I had to ditch Smilebox completely from all my computers. Maybe there is another program that does the same thing?

  4. Oh yes, it seems like in the summer I can never get time to do anything~maybe that is why I like autumn so much, the pace seems to slow down a little bit. ;)

  5. Yes sewing is cheaper - I love that saying!

  6. I'd rather be sewing than fighting with my computer so I totally get your frustration. No fun at all! Love that row and therapy sign!