Thursday, June 23, 2016

Oink Oink

I bet you guys think my house must be a pig stye because it always seems like I am running around like a mad woman... prepping here and prepping there but in fact my house...although not pristine it is decent.  I thought I would share what the prepping looks.  

I have been asked how I get so much done and to me it doesn't feel like it!  But, what I can say is A lot of times I take small bites.  When I decide to prep if I don't have an entire day I will create a mess in my sewing room and go in an out.

Like yesterday we had a lot of business errands and doctor appts. so after coffee in the morning I went up and decided what to prep...then, I started tracing the motifs on my fusible and prepping the background with SF101.  Once that was done I did an errand and when I came back I pulled the bucket of wool scraps out.  When it comes to small wool projects I almost never have to buy wool because I have saved all kinds of wool scraps in gallon baggies.  The littlest piece can be used for these projects so I rarely throw anything away unless it is a sliver.

These scraps were left over from my Primitive Christmas Gathering quilt and were great shades for my Buttermilk Basin 2016 Free BOM.

Like this piece left over from a previous project...

...became a snowman's scarf on my BOM and 
I still have 2 little pieces left for something else!

...this little yellow chunk was enough for stars and 
I have a little piece worth saving!

After all the pieces of Soft Fuse were fused to their little pieces of wool I had to head to Redmond.  When I got home it took me less than 45 minutes to cut out the motifs and fuse them on the background. The end result is 2 blocks prepped totally from the wool scrap bag...except for the giant snowflake.

I guess I can be a little bit of a piggy when I am prepping in chunks of time but there is a real satisfaction in having another project prepped...even if it was done at a segmented pace :) Have a great Thursday...and maybe you can even start prepping something???!!!


  1. Yesterday o got my BOW first package from Primitive Gatheeins along with the freebie, I also did some prepping. It is nice when they are generous wth their cuts so you can use leftovers for other projects.

    I have to prep mt last two Buutermilk Basin T and S blocks after some errands today.

  2. You are always inspiring! While my great grandson (2) is napping I am making a label (finally!) for a Liberty quilt I completed a month ago...not sure why label-making takes so long sometimes😋.

  3. I like using Soft Fuse too. What do you mean prepping the background with SF101? Curious 🤓

  4. Anna,thanks for your comments about Christmas Goose in Vegas. I was able to sneak in a trip to the store while visiting Vegas! What a great store! I love your Quilt Roadies posts!

  5. I am using my segments of time to make some space in my sewing room.... finally could not do anything with out a clean up. Segments of time are the way I work now that I have gotten older and slower.