Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Traveling Thoughts

Traveling with only HH and Enzo as company means there are long periods of silence...which allows for introspection time.  So far the things I have realized on this trek...

1.  You don't need as much as you think you need.  In fact there is a sense of lightness not being weighed down by ones possessions. 

2.  Silence is OK

3.  Life is always better with a dog.

4.  Rushing around with a calendar that is loaded doesn't allow you to enjoy peaceful moments.

I am sure I will have many more learning moments as we travel along.  I love this photo of me, the princess...no, I was not a Homecoming Princess...in fact, I was pretty much part of the nerd group.  In high school I had a few very wonderful friends but for this one moment at the wedding I could be the princess, LOL

We are hanging out in Sedona for a few days and I hope in between hiking and sightseeing I will get some sewing time.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. This is a wonderful post - I love your traveling thoughts and heartily agree with them.
    PS Very pretty picture of you!

  2. My favorite thing in Sedona was the Pink Jeep Tour!

  3. That is a gorgeous shot of you Anna, you are quite photogenic. When I saw the group shot you shared I'd wished there was one of you alone. You are a fairy princess and made my wish come thru.

    I enjoyed the quilt shop in Sedona and their gallery. A friend visited The Chapel of the Holy Cross, I thought Frank Lloyd Wright designed it but his son helped with the project. I enjoyed all the treaters and wonderful rock colours and formations. Enjoy your time there.

  4. Nice place to stop for a few days and rest after a hectic weekend. Can't wait to see the photos of the area.


  5. It is beautiful there. Such a cute photo of Princess Anna.

  6. True... Being away from schedules and all is very calming. Glad you are enjoying the experience. If you get a chance as you turn west again, go to Jerome. Wonderful old copper mining town. Not sure if your RV can drive through town though... ours couldn't, too big. Yours might be fine. I hope you will be stopping over at the Grand Canyon and Williams. Good enough RV parks there. Enjoy Arizona!

  7. I hope the wonderful little quilt shop is still in Sedona, and you find it. But of course you will!