Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Cup Runneth Moab

It was full day outside!  Well not totally...I did start the day at a quilt shop...It's Sew Moab...and yes, I did make some purchases...mostly gift items which I'll share on a Quilt Roadies video.  Then I headed over to the Moab Museum because the Delicate Stitchers of Moab had a quilt display!!!  I tell you I hit the ball out of the park on my stop in Moab.  Once I put those slides together they will be on The Quilt Show next Wednesday.  

Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park were amazing and it was a full day of taking in the beauty.  Lucky for Enzo dogs are allow on leash in the State Park and true to form he accumulated several new fan club members.

When I was at the Moab Museum to  take photos of the quilt guilds challenge quilts I stumbled upon this fabulous crazy patch quilt made out of men's neck ties.  It is a wonderful testament to handwork...which I love!  Luckily it was saved from a house fire...I can see it now...forget everything else but, SAVE THE QUILT!!!  Reminds of the huge fire that ran through many homes in Bend and in the neighborhood was the original owner of BJ's Quilt Basket who was out of town at the time.  Luckily my friend Dale ran over there and saved the quilts!!!  The best news...her house survived the fire.

I took a few close ups of the just wonder what the significance of the motifs were???

Today we pull up stakes in Moab and head to St. George!!!  I hear there is a quilt designer living there, hehehe.  Have a wonderful Thursday and if you can tear yourself away from the garden...I know there are a few UFO's that need your attention.


  1. Wow!! Gorgeous quilts and beautiful views! Life doesn't get any better than this!

  2. Loving all the photos and experiences Anna! We are headed to St George in Sept so can't wait to hear what adventures you'll have there.

  3. What an amazing place, too bad they have to put communication wires in front of it, lol. Love the quilt, always fun to see creative ways to use our old clothes and ties.


  4. Love the motifs you shared, I wonder if the scales represent a lawyer as the scales of justice? Maybe Piesces sign and a baby, my mom has one of her baby shoes that was bronzed along with the unbronzed one.

    What a wonderful piece.

    Check out Superior Threads in St. George! I recall a wonderful quilt store but can't remember it's name.

    Enjoy all the wonderful sights along the way.