Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco De Mayo

The traveling life's mantra is "flexibility."  And so after checking the weather we decided to extend our stay in Sedona by 3 days.  Turns out there is high winds and snow predicted for Ouray and Monument Valley...guess that will be saved for another trip :)  Sedona isn't a bad place to hunker down in!  I now have 6 blocks quilted and 6 more to go.  I am going to get the feather weight out and do some machine stitching when the weather is rainy.  After all I signed up for another BOM...what can I say with technology at my finger tips I had a weak moment....more about that later....

We had a full day of outdoor playing.  Our first stop was the walk up to Chapel of the Holy Cross which you can read about by clicking the link.  The view from up there is stunning!! 

After we left the chapel we headed to Slide Rock which is located on an old homestead and is still a working apple orchard!  Who would have thought in this desert region that there would be a full grove of apple trees!

There were some hearty souls that were sliding down but the water was freezing!!!  And the only parts of me that got in the water were my cool off after a hike in the park and the walk down into Oak Creek Canyon.

 After a full day of play we went out to dinner to the Hideaway House on the recommendation of my nephew and his wife.  It is Italian cuisine and although Italian isn't my favorite...I am coming back to Hideaway house!  The food was excellent and more than we could finish so we have dinner cooked for another night! lol

...and who would have thought that an Italian restaurant 
would make such great margaritas!

...and on top of great food and drink the view is spectacular!!!

yep, an extra 3 days in Sedona is going to be OK! 
Tonight we celebrate Cinco De Mayo...hope you get to celebrate :)


  1. While you were up at that chapel did you see that amazing house and grounds right below it? Supposedly a surgeon's house....forget where he lives, Phoenix, Tucson or somewhere. And he only comes to his house in Sedona 1 - 2x a year!!!!!

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your travels, adventures, and thoughts. You do have me curious, which BOM weakened your resolve?

  3. Lovely photos Anna, sorry that you aren't able to go to Momument Valley, it is amazing. But better safe than stuck!

    I think I'm jumping into Lori's sew along pool.

    Glad you could extend your stay.

  4. That looks like the perfect place to stay for fun and to relax, gorgeous scenery.


  5. Such beautiful pictures ! HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO !!!

  6. Three more days in Sedona? Now you can go to he quilt show at the quilt shop there! I'm waiting to hear your report on that shop. And isn't the RV park picturesque and convenient to town?

  7. Fabulous vistas... And you're doing so well on your quilting projects... I'm impressed....and a new BOM .....can't wait to see it :)

  8. Are you coming down to Phoenix?