Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Back!

We had a great little break...just far enough from home to feel like a real vacation but not so far as to  be exhausting with the travel.  No TSA, no zero leg know what I mean!  The weather was perfection, the hiking beautiful and the hot springs relaxing.

HH (my Boy Scout) did most of the cooking

...the one meal I made...yes, you guessed it...I set off the smoke alarm.  I now believe that Enzo is going to hide if I get within 10 feet of the pots and pans!  I suspect in a prior life I might have been a princess and no cooking was required of me.

It was a Sue Spargo camp trip.  I brought along my Cuppa BOM and stitched away but unfortunately am unable to show off those blocks due to the BOM agreement.  I also was able to stitch down all the flowers on my Spring in Paris project which means from now on I get to do the fancy stitching!!!  Fun from here on out!


So glad to be home...I have lots to do the next 2 days because it is the Spring Fabric Stalker Retreat in Prineville.  Choices, choices and more choices...what should I take...what do I need to work on...and what do I WANT to work on...I keep changing my mind.  Tomorrow I'll show you what made the short list.  Have a great Monday and say hi to someone you don't know :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect getaway with HH! Congrats on your stitching progress. Welcome home!

  2. Happy Monday to you too! Sounds like a really fun trip!...relaxing, hiking, stitching and no cooking? LOL A quilters dream! Have a fun retreat!

  3. I usually cook something up before we leave, then we can just heat and eat, or Bill ends up cooking, all depends on the mood I am in, lol. Those smoke alarms are sensitive;) Looks like you had the perfect getaway and some much needed rest time.


  4. Anna, it sounds and looks like you had the perfect holiday, now it's time to get down to some serious quilting!!!----Just kidding!

  5. Anna you are the funniest. Love your cooking comment. And forget about last life time . i'm sure that you are a princess now! Our Stitching Princess for sure.

  6. lol! Thanks for sharing that you set off the fire alarm! :-) Gave me a good giggle this morning! Sounds like you had a fun yet relaxing getaway!

  7. That sounds like the perfect getaway Anna! Glad you had so much fun!
    Oh no, LOL... you conditioned Enzo to hide when you start to cook? That is too funny!