Friday, April 22, 2016

Transfer Eze Tutorial

I am a die hard supporter of Transfer-Eze.  I love all kinds of hand work as you least 80% of my projects have some sort of handwork involved.  Embroidery is one of my favorites and this project by Buttermilk Basin rose to the top of my list. 

One of the shortcuts I use for embroidery is Transfer Eze.  Each pack comes with several sheets that can be run through your printer.  I place a sheet in my printer with the textured side down and then copy my design.  The design is transferred to the sheet.  You then peel is off the backing sheet  and stick the woven design to your fabric.  Intricate embroidery designs can be ready to stitch in less than 5 minutes.

I made a short step by step video about the process.  I know you will love how easy it is.   

Today, I am going to have one of those days that quilters dream about...a whole quilt shop to myself!!!  G, Enzo and I are heading to the The Tater Patch to video a feature for Quilt Roadies and we'll have the whole place to ourselves!!!.  It is closed today because they are getting ready for a giant sale on Saturday and they are allowing us in to check it out!  

Don't forget Monday is the Give Away and we'll see who the dog dish coughs up! You still have time to leave a comment that you are interested by clicking on this Link.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have some of this but have never tried it. I need to!

  2. I recall driving thru Merrill many years ago on the way home from Sothern California, stopping for gas and finding The Tater Patch! What a wonderful surprise and a delightful shop.

    Have fun on the filming adventure!

  3. How neat. I am going to have to get myself some.

  4. Great tutorial! I have enjoyed using transfer-eze. I have had a bit of trouble when I want to do a large piece. I copied out 4 pieces to put together and found it difficult to match them up and keep them in place...not sure why but it seemed to shift a bit over time. I have since seen a large piece done with adhering the transfer-eze one section at a time...after the previous section was already embroidered. I'll try that next time and see if it helps.
    Hopefully :-) this explanation makes sense! I've wondered how you use it with large designs.

  5. Great tutorial and I need to start using all the things i got to try.


  6. Thanks for the tut. Have fun filming

  7. Thanks for a great tutorial. I love stitchery but have never tried "Transfer Eze"'s already on my shopping list! : )

  8. Your Transfer Eze tutorial is AMAZING!!! I never knew that could be done (!!!) and would make embroidery so doable (and without even having to use a hoop)!!!!! Wow!!!! I'm just dumbfounded!! And I've GOT to try this! Thanks so very much for this great tutorial! You are amazing and so very generous to share this with us!!!!

  9. Have you heard of anyone using a laser jet printer? I only have access to that not an ink jet. Would LOVE to be able to use this product.

  10. I've got to try the transfer eze!
    Have a fun trip!

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  12. It was a long day in the sun yesterday...let's try this again...
    WHAT do you use to hang your mini quilts, so as to not poke to many holes in your wall?