Monday, April 4, 2016

Sweet Weekend...On To A New Week...

This weekend from the Facebook and Instagram posts I know many of you are dealing with the same thing I am...great gardening weather.  It is soooo hard to stay inside and sew when the daffodils are calling, lol.  And so...I gardened.  Pulled up the plants that didn't survive the winter, planted new ones...and of course went for the deer resistant plants.  Around here it is a little risky to plant annuals now and the rule of thumb is you don't plant until the snow is off Black Butte.  The white stuff is still up there.  I did replace my front walkway lights and OMG...they are awesome!!!  Can't you just hear the Mission Impossible theme.  Visitors to my house will have to do the dance!!!

All weekend we had beautiful weather which meant 
HH and I cleaned the front and back porch for our favorite pastime....
Porch Time!

On Sunday the Cup Half Full book group met and even though the weather had a little nip to way was I going to stay inside.  So, I dragged some quilts outside and we enjoyed breakfast and book talk.  

I had to show you this little surprise one of the girls brought me! 
Tea Fishermen!  They sit on the edge of you cup and 
hold the tag of your tea bag...soooo cute!

I did take a stitch or two but nothing completed as of yet.  But I am getting close...Have a wonderful, I am heading to the dentist this morning for my teeth cleaning...oh goodie, LOL.


  1. Love that tea fisherman but it reflects how different American tea drinkers are to Canaians. We almost always make a pot of tea even if there is only one tea drinker! I have several small two cup pots or a bigger one depending on the need.

    Love the pattern your lights make!

  2. I would never get sick of that view, love mountains. That tea fishermen is so cute, what a fun idea.


  3. tea fishermen: cute, cute, cute!(though I also use a teapot, for 2 or 3, or more, depending on how many we are)
    the photo of those sister mountains, and the reflection on the porch window are a recollection of the wonderful moments I had in your beautiful town.
    and... I can't think of a whiter, brighter smile that you usually have, even on account of the dentist!!! have a great week.

  4. I am so enjoying having found your blog after reading about you on The Quilt Show and will be looking forward to your blog posts there. I am in Northern CA and have a view that includes Mt. Shasta and down the road just a bit I can include Mt. Lassen. Love this lifestyle!