Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Part 2 of the Fabric Stalker Retreat & The You Tube Channel

Well, we did it...we put our 2 "AARP" brains together and figured out how to load a video to our very own You Tube channel!  We will be posting videos of our traveling adventures which will include sightseeing, scenery, reviews on roads, RV/camping spots and QUILT SHOPS!!! I hope I will get to meet some of you along the way and possibly share a little of your show 'n tell on the blog. I also plan on sewing and stitching while traveling...after all I would miss my sewing room too much!!  Check us out at Quilt Roadies and if you want to subscribe you'll get alerts of our future postings.

On to Part 2 of the Fabric Stalker Retreat.  I can't stress enough with the right combination of personalities a quilt retreat can be just what the doctor ordered.  Inspiration, emotional support and laughter...SO MUCH laughter :)

So...what did I accomplish?  I have to say it was a low key retreat for all of us.  When you watch the video you will think...what??? Low key??? look at all they accomplished but in reality what we finished this retreat was so much less than previous retreats.  I think we are just getting more relaxed and don't feel we have to sew 24/7.  My planned agenda really didn't pan out like I thought it would.  With that said, I am very happy with what I worked on.  I finished all my Great Granny Squares, made 2 pillow cases, learned to use triangle paper, made a soup bowl kozy, gave instructions for stitching pillows, tacked down 2 Cuppa BOM blocks,  stitched on a Christmas table topper and, cut out 3 BOM blocks. 

Great Granny block

Enjoy the slide show of what the Fabric Stalkers worked on :)  Also, I apologize for not getting the Give Away together...it was so labor intensive getting the video posted that I was too pooped to figure out what to  include in the Give Away...so as The Woolie is my witness...tomorrow we'll have a give away posted.

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I think caffeine through a big straw was step #1 
to completing some stitching projects!
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. The colors on slide 21 are so calming and refreshing - I love those blues and greens! The wallets - bible bags - and bowl covers are so cute!

  2. It does look like you all had a great productive weekend.

    Love the matching of the outfit to the wool project.

    Subscribed to your channel but it said no videos to view! That is a nice looking r.v.

    Good thing there's no alcohol in your coffee you you'd be sewing a drunkards path not a straight stitch on yor featherweight!

  3. Fabulous great granny blocks... I'll enjoy seeing your "finish" :)

  4. Fabulous great granny blocks... I'll enjoy seeing your "finish" :)

  5. Love your granny blocks, I did get a pattern from Cheri's free ones, might be in my future.


  6. You need to post the info on the patterns on those quilts. They were gorgeous.

  7. Caffeine certainly helps, doesn't it?!

  8. Good Morning
    I just started following your blog. Will look forward to seeing your adventures. We currently live in SE Portland, but have a cabin in Camp Sherman, so are totally into the Central OR quilting scene. If visiting Portland, you need to go to Pioneer Quilts. Wool lovers will be in heaven. Tell Linda I sent you.

  9. What a clever group you all are! I love all the variety and complexity and design choices the FS do. Pretty amazing! I did see the video! Totally enjoyed it and look forward to more travelogues! You will be a busy gal, taking all of these projects on. Your organizational skills for your travels are great! Good ideas. It's neat that G is joining up with you in your adventures! Oh, by the way, you've got to pan the camer over your views from Pine Meadows. I'm yearning to see all that again.

  10. sounds to me like you had a very successful retreat! You all did an amazing amount of work!