Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Muses + Winners

Winners for the Buttermilk Basin give away are Bonnie58 and Julie in California!  Email me your mailing addresses...I brought the patterns with me on the road trip so will send them along the way :)

I found this sign funny because in our next of the woods the signs have deer, elk and cows on them...I have never seen horses.  But in fact wild horses range here and there were piles along the road lets us know they had been by...

Enzo has started to settle in...he was a little nervous about all the rattling that goes on in an RV.  He is like Harry Potter in that he sleep in a place that is safe and underneath the table instead of the stairs, LOL.  I know he is thinking those darn muggles are taking him outside of his comfort zone!

I have got to share this latest book I finished...recommended by a high school classmate of I am not still in high school, LOL.  Anyhoo...I could not put this book down.  It reminded me of a Pat Conroy book rich with characters, emotions, moral decisions...such a great book!

Since this is our first extended trip in an RV we are making adjustments as we go along.  One of the things that I have come to am not going to get as much stitching done as I thought I was because my nose is pressed to the window looking at the stunning scenery going by!  I get a lot done on my trips to Portland because I know every curve in the road but this road is brand new!!!  We've post more videos to the Quilt Roadies so check us out an get updates of our next postings.  We are having so much fun with these videos, LOL


  1. We saw the wild horses on a drive up to Virginia City - but then saw more of them when we took the train to Virginia City! It was a glorious sight!

  2. loved the YouTube video and G's music. Can't wait for further installments!

  3. Loving your videos, G is quite the videographer Anna. I hope you get to see some of the wild animals along the way.

    Looking forward to seeing what goodies you find along the way.

  4. Look like you are having a fun trip. I never get much done, too fun to enjoy the trip and the views.


  5. Hi Anna. Thanks so much to Enzo for pulling my name out of his dog dish. I love Buttermilk patterns and can't wait to try this one. Unfortunately I cannot find your email address on your blog to send you my mailing address. Can you email me at and I can then forward you my contact info. Thanks again!!

  6. Love the road trip videos... also just finished reading the pecan man. Enjoyed it, l live in Florida so I could relate to the book . I live in ocala national forest. Beautiful also. Please keep posting good reads. Thanks

  7. Crossing signs in different places always make me smile. In Colombia, they're signs have armadillos, sloths and jaguars on them. Did not see any of them while I was there, just the signs.