Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Light Bulb Moment

It came to me in a light bulb moment...Enzo has been taking a little longer than I thought he would to adjust to life in the RV....and then...it hit me.  At home whenever either of us uses the restroom he accompanies us to make sure we get there safely and that everything goes ok.  In the RV there isn't room for both of us at the same time and I can't leave the door open so he can see me because it is a direct view out the front windshield for anyone walking by!  In the evening we put a cover over the windshield for privacy but on the road...no can do.  Poor guy...I think he feels he is not needed :(  

We had a wild day yesterday which you will hear all about over the next couple of videos on Quilt Roadies  WiFi has been iffy so gives us some time to figure it out and get it loaded.  I am writing this up in the laundry room of the RV park...seems the best place to get a signal, LOL.  My Buttermilk Basin 2015 Free BOM has been my passenger stitching project and I am making some progress.  I hope in the next couple of days to get some serious quilt shopping in...but in the meantime I am happy to be in one spot for a few days...Yesterday, I thought my 9 quilting lives was being used up!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Hi Anna!
    I am enjoying your travels. When we traveled we used Verizon Cellular and always had Internet...and fast! No more going to the Clubhouse or laundry rooms! :o) Well worth it's weight in gold!
    Unlike you, I kept my eyes on my stitching...haha...All those big trucks whizzing by us made me very nervous! Seriously 1" or 2" between our big mirrors! Yowzer!

  2. It seems the bigger the dog, the smaller the space, they need. Bean is always curled up and prefers his cage when we are out. Need to go check out your new videos.


  3. Perhaps a spring rod and curtain in hallway would afford an open door and more space for Enzo. That or you must trade the current RV for one with a larger bathroom ! :-)

  4. Poor guy, sounds like Guardian of the R.V. needs some cheering up, but at least he is getting quality time with you both. Maybe talking with him while you are having private time will help.

    Onto the quilt shops!

  5. Omg, is that a poodle trait? Burned into their genes? I can't go anywhere in the house that Allie doesn't follow me! Bathroom included! Poor Enzo... He has a job to do and he needs to figure out how to manage in that new living space! So many adjustments on the road. Are you looking forward to getting home yet, lol?

  6. Your videos are great - love the scenery and your stories and G's music - great combination! Hope Enzo will be okay - poor puppy.