Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hump Day on the Road

Before hitting the road I ordered the Yazzii Bag from Sue Spargo with a cute wool Cuppa for the front...of course it will be a while before I get the wool piece stitched but I decided this bag would be the best way for my stitching threads to travel.

It came stuffed with a newspaper from Mumbai...interesting to look at the ads.

There are so many useful pockets...lots and lots of space for thread.... least I thought it would fit all my thread but I was wrong!  
But, it did fit the most important ones!  Of course this did not include my Valdani threads that I use for all my other stitching!!!

I am slowly getting adjust to the RV life...there isn't much to micro-manage in a 24 ft. RV...I did manage to text my son that garbage day is today so to put the can out...I can see him rolling his eyes right now.  Anyhoo it seems Enzo and HH don't need my instructions and so I can really kick back and relax!

I brought a little bit of home with me!  My cup and mug rug from the Berries Christmas Gift exchange 2015.  It is perfect, the cup is printed with one of Kathy Deggendorfer's wonderful images.  I hope you have a wonderful Hump Day...I know I will since I am off to infuse the quilting industry with some money :) Check out the new Quilt Roadies video.  


  1. I enjoyed going on the road with you this morning while drinking my tea! Fun to see parts of the country I have not been too and your sewing projects too!

  2. Love your Yazzi bag, I have a couple and ordered one that I thought was a larger one only to find it was the same size I already have. What are the dimensions of yours?

    Glad you have that great mug and rug to keep you company. Have a great hump day. Off to my wool group shortly.

  3. Great travel bag, I need to get another one or maybe take back the one i stole for my art supplies, lol. I do have a bag like that, that came with my sewing machine, has lots of space for threads, but i know with what I take, need more room. Love that mug, that is a fun camping mug.


  4. Your Quilt Roadie videos are super cute. It's a great idea. It wil fun to see what you accomplish along the way.

  5. Loved your video! Traveling by RV sure looks like a blast. I always felt the best way to travel to see the country side was by driving it rather than flying. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  6. We used to live in Bend and now in No Cali.....still have our 25' Winnebago Via so I really can identify with "how much thread can I fit in my allowed cubby?" I'm traveling vicariously with you on your 95 yo mom had a stroke last fall so we haven't been on a road trip since Yellowstone last August! So Anna, travel on and take lots of pics....I'm watching!