Friday, April 29, 2016

A Blessed Life...Here Comes the Bride

Truly Death Valley is spectacular and I can't stop looking at the photos.  It is worth the drive to get there but we will be reviewing the Furnace Creek RV park on a future episode of The Quilt Roadies.   In fact we will be reviewing all the RV parks we have stayed at so you can make a decision about your own trip.  

I have continued to stitch away on this Christmas table mat by Primitive Gatherings  I really love those plastic ball holders for Valdani thread that I got from Bird Brain Designs.  They keep the ball of thread clean and are easy to locate when you drop them, lol.

Have a great weekend!  We will be incognito on the Quilt Roadies this weekend as we have a wedding and a family reunion to enjoy!!!

Here is the bride to be!!! My youngest cousin (ying) to my (yang) oldest cousin I am....


  1. Gorgeous clods and sun picture Anna, desert pictures are always so intriguing.

    I've got some of those Bird Brain containers but find them tricky to open. But they would be perfect in an r.v. especially with Enzo around.

    What a happy picture of the soon to be bride and groom, best wishes to them both, may they have a great day and life together. Have fun at the wedding!

  2. What an adventure you are having. Thank you for taking us along - enjoying myself immensely. Your cousin is so beautiful - can't wait to see more pictures of her and her handsome husband. Best wishes to them!!

  3. Everything looks beautiful in this post...wool stitching, scenery, and a happy couple. Have fun!

  4. It does look beautiful and now you will be enjoying some family time. Your cousin is beautiful and she is going to be a beautiful bride.


  5. Anna, what a great idea you have had and I love G's soft music. Fun to think of such an adventure for us in the future. Thanks for this great video and info on these fun shops. Enjoy the wedding and family!!!

  6. I have only been through Death Valley once...quite a few years ago. It was in August and the heater in our car went wacky and would not quit throwing out heat!!! I held a bag of ice at the window and let the water splash on me as the ice melted. For some reason I don't remember it looking this pretty! :-)