Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This and That :)

Before we get started  the winners of the Buttermilk Basin Giveaway are....Sandi (with an i) for the Woolen Snowman Heart and Nancie Anne wins the Humble Beginnings pieced pattern!  Send me your mailing addresses and I will drop them in the mail this week.

I finished stitching Block 4 of the Yoko Saito BOM and am very pleased with the result...except...I am not sure I like the design element on the pot.  
What do you think?

I realized something yesterday.  My design wall is a depiction of my personality.  All over the board...the issue is I like a variety.  I am NEVER bored but I certainly support all types of designers.  This week when I first noticed what my design wall looked like I thought...maybe I have a problem...but, then I thought no this is the design wall of someone who is really enjoying herself!!!

I think the SF Giants quilt was a hit for the birthday boy!  My nephew's oldest son is a big fan and I loved making it for him :)

I did a fun idea on the backing.  I chose a fabric that had a gazillion baseballs all over it and scattered through the back on different baseballs I took a permanent marker and wrote little message of love to Sam.

After my PT appointment I am going to spend some hand stitching time on a project that needs to be finished by the end of this week! Yikes..gotta go...gotta stitch!!!  Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I love your block, hard to see the element as I find the contrast a bit dark, maybe if you stitched with a lighter colour thread tou might like it batter.

    Happy looking boy with that quilt!

    Speaking of happy, am I the Sandi with an I winner of the snowman block from Stacy! Nif so many thanks to you both, if not congrats to another Sandi!

  2. I love the block, that is beautiful and i love the quilt, I can see he loves it. I am like that, I create depending on my mood, and it is more fun to try all types of things.


  3. First of all! Thank You so much and Congratulations to co-winner, Sandi with an i!
    Now, what is it that is bothering you about the design element on the pot? I think it looks quite nice, but if it's bugging you, there's no time to change it like the present! Are you thinking a simpler heart or a roundish little bird profile, perhaps?
    Next, the state of my design wall is chaos as compared to yours. I figure its a symptom of ADD or Multiple Personality Disorder! When asked what my favorite color was as a kid it was Blue, no hesitation, now it's, I like all kinds of colors...the world is not a single color kind of place! I simply cannot pinpoint one favorite color or one favorite style of quilting or décor, or even one favorite breed of dog!
    I tell ya' what is my favorite, a gift of love from ones heart and hands reflected in the face of the one who received the treasured gift!

  4. I love the quilt and the look on his face is priceless!