Friday, March 18, 2016


And the WINNER of the Wooly Wound is Patti!!! who said, "Wow! 
Such lovely eye candy in this post:)"
Enzo Say, "Congrats!"

For the last couple of weeks we have been getting the "Little Buffalo" our RV ready for taking the Woolie on the road.  Starting the end of April I'll be blogging on the road and I hope I run into a few of you as I quilt shop along the way!!! 

 Yesterday, my day started  early as I followed HH to pick up the RV in Redmond and take it to Bend for some servicing.  It was a blessing when a girlfriend offered to drive to our stitch date with the Sew 'n So Sisters.  Each holiday...season...or whatever Linda's changes the decor in her home.  I thought this stitchery table topper by Kathy Schmitz was so cute!

I thought...I had a lot of thread!!!  Not compared to Linda!  And...she is really clever about storing her threads in a variety of antique sewing boxes so they become part of the decor!

Although some may say that she borders on the edge of thread hoarding...the difference is she uses her thread.  A wonderful stitcher with many projects, which she FINISHES!!! 

I love her choice of thread for this Crabapple Hill project.

Have a wonderful day and weekend...
I plan filling the next 3 days with some stitching!!


  1. Congrats Patti!

    Wow Linda is a serious stitcher, Love that first Kathy Scmitz piece with the bunny,nthatbpinknfabric is lovely. I adore that bunny candy holder.

    Have a lovely National Quilting weekend everyone!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! That's me!!! So thrilled to get a chance to try out this thread and in so many gorgeous colors! Love Linda's work and her thread cabinet :)
    Blessings, Patti

  3. When the winner posted "such lovely eye candy", I'm sure she was speaking about Enzo. :)

  4. Congrats to Patti! I was looking at camps, they open on the 15th of next month, but wondering if it will be too cool. Being stuck in our trailer with Bill and Bean might be too much, I need to be outside, lol.


  5. I do hope SoCal is on your itinerary. Remember, we have a pad and electric hookup ready to greet you. I do like that table topper - I will have to check it out. Problem is, my hand stitcher you skills haven't been accessed I over 30 years. I'm scared!

  6. Wow! Absolutely LOVE the sewing box that Linda has!!! I've seen them in antique shops, but hers is in beautiful condition! Is that a reproduction, or refurb, do you know? Looking forward to seeing what your travels reveal as you cruise along in the little buffalo! :-)

  7. Love that sewing box!! And Enzo looks so cute :o) Do you happen to know what Crabapple Hill pattern that is? I need that one!!

  8. I love what she did with her Crabapple Hill stitching! Mine is still in the works and I used the variegated all throughout, as she showed in the pattern, but I think this gives it more dimension! VERY NICE!!