Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Monday...How Sweet It is...

Hope your weekend was fulfilling...We celebrated Easter with friends and family and the weather was a mix of sun and snow...or as we know it...regular Central Oregon Spring weather.

I saw this poster and it really made me realize something...although I am Free to choose...the results are a closet full of kits...those are my consequences...sigh.... 

The Fabric Stalkers are on count down to the Prineville Retreat!  2+weeks and counting and we are all organizing, deciding and change our minds about what we want to work on...We will have 2 partial days and 3 full days.  I have decided on a new plan of quilt attack.  Each day is going to be designated to a specific project.  We will have 2 partial days and 3 full days.  Each day of the 3 full days I have chosen 3 different quilt projects (one for each day) and the partial days will be my hand stitching UFO days.  I am feel kinda smug...of course I have 2+ weeks to change my mind, lol.

Robin came over and brought along some projects she is working on...she is already packed for retreat!!! Brat!

I love these little chickadees

...and this modern looking mat is a great way 
to use up all those little pieces of wool!

Robin loves her lady bugs and  this table runner is perfect for
 Spring and Summer!

I had to share these photos of a Tuffet made by a 
fellow blogger Nancie Anne  it is so wonderful and happy...
now do you see why I want to make more of them!!!

Look at that adorable center button!!!

This week I plan on working hard on my BOM's.  My love of hand stitching in really slowing me down...but, oh how sweet it is!  Hope you find time to take a stitch or two.  And, don't forget we are on the last 2 days of the Give Away just leave a comment on the link and be sure you are a registered follower of the blog :)


  1. We had some Easter Fun yesterday with the kiddos, and Princess Twinkle Toes...the funny little owner of that Tuffet!

  2. Love the new mat...and yes, I am with you...not so many kits, but inspire and overwhelm at the same time. Have a great retreat!

  3. Those wool pieces are beautiful, need to get out my patterns and start getting some done.


  4. What a great quote and how true. Sounds like an interesting weather weekend for you.

    You are ambitious to take three projects to work one, hope they are small ones. Can't wait to see your progress!

  5. That mat with the black capped chickadees is perfect!