Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kindergarten Quilt Class

Yesterday was the last meeting of the Great Granny Squares Class with Tamra at the Stitchin' Post.  It is called the Great Granny Square because the center block is the baby, then the parents,  grandparents and great grandparents!!!  Each block is so satisfying to make...except I was having a Labrador Retriever Day...which meant it took me all morning to finish one block until Mark came to the rescue!  He was another student in the class who was a retired Kindergarten teacher...which meant,  he had the patience and ability to explain his way of constructing the block so my 5 year old brain could understand and whip them together a little bit faster, the afternoon I finished 3 more blocks!!!  I needed a feel good moment and bought myself an elephant pincushion...which made me smile every time I looked at it!

Here is Tamra our instructor's blocks...aren't they beautiful!

You can use scraps...jelly roll...or whatever you want!

Mark fussy cut some of his squares for a really fun block 
and the black background is fabulous!

This quilt is such a fun one to make and is designed by 
Lori Holt of  Bee In My Bonnet

The other highlight of the day was when 
Terri stopped by with her Sue Spargo thread bag!  
What a fabulous creation!

...and the thread....

...and thread....

...and more thread....

Someday I am going to be this organized!!!  Don't forget the Give Away!!!  Leave a comment Here!!! if you are interested in the  Primitive Gatherings Thread Organizer Booklet!  Have a wonderful Wednesday :)


  1. Those blocks are great, would love to see some close ups of Mark's blocks they look fun.

    That bag is wonderful! Can't imagine having all those lovely threads...what an investment! Great stitching to make it Terri!

  2. Oh I am so jealous! You've started your GGSquared! I so want to make that quilt! The thread bag is really eye popping! All that thread~ wow! Have a happy day!

  3. That is so beautiful, love how that looks in a quilt.


  4. About five years ago I saw this quilt...only it was called 'Confetti' hanging on the wall in this wonderful quilt shop down south. I bought the pattern and all of the fabric to make it...and it's been sitting in a tote ever since! Someday...SOON!! Love that quilt!!

  5. Check it out...called Confetti Cake...scroll down in my post...

  6. Love the bag. Sue is a true inspiration.