Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Treats

I watched the Golden Globes this week and realized there were several movies that I had not seen on the nomination list.  Some, I have to admit I have no interest in seeing either because I just don't get the idea or they sounded to painful.  I had heard that The Martian was a good book but didn't have it on my read list and that the movie was said to be as entertaining as the book.  So, HH and I took a break from Netflix and gave it a shot.  I can say...I enjoyed it.  

Yesterday I was trying to get a couple of projects lying around the sewing room done.  Don't you think I found the perfect frame for my Buck.  I ironed the stitchery onto a piece of fusible batting and the frame insert.  I like the 'ol lodge feel of the piece.  I printed the pattern from the winter addition of the Simply Vintage Magazine.  It was supposed to be a craft paper project but I didn't see any reason I shouldn't use black wool!  I button hole stitched around the motif and I loved the look of the old music sheet fabric which has been living in my stash.

I now have finished my second UFO project for 2016!!!  I had the top of this adorable wool table runner pattern by Buttermilk Basin  all done and it was just stuffed into a drawer.  I decided to finish it up into a pillow for my church pew.  I love stitching and sometimes once that is done I get thrown off track and don't cross the finish line!  This year is my year to be a Triple Crown winner of UFO's!!!  Are you still hanging in is only the end of week 2...don't give up!!!

Treat yourself to some stitch time today!


  1. Congrsts on the two finishes so early in the year!

    The buck reminds me of that poor guy I saw in Sisters in July with the damaged antler. Hope he recovered.

    Your winter pillow is cute! It will be perfect on your pew by the front door.

  2. Great finishes and i love the idea of using music sheets for backgrounds. I made that snowman piece, but I think I gifted it, lol. Guess I will have to make another one for me;)


  3. Your Buttermilk Basin table runner is beautiful--something to be enjoyed each winter