Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Muses

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun??  Our weather lent itself to stitching with intermittent rain, a couple of rainbows and fog...pretty darn weird for Sisters in winter.  A friend and I checked out the new tea house in Sisters.  Although she is not a tea person they did have coffee.  My tea was wonderful!!! and we had crepes for lunch with fresh raspberries...yumm.

I finished Tricky Twenty Two.  This series of books in not meant to challenge you in any way.  It is written for pure entertainment.  After having read 21 other books by this author with the evolving characters I am finding it a little less entertaining.  But, Grandma Maizer really is a pip.

Remember that I had a goal of making at least one holiday inspired creation at least a couple of months before the actual holiday.  I got tired of having so many UFO's and WiP's that were holiday related that I never got around too.  1st project was for Valentines Day...
and I am done and ready!!!

If you want to join me...the next holiday project is for St. Patrick's Day.  So dig around and see if you have a little project for St. Paddy's and get started :)

Happy Monday!!!


  1. beautiful pillow!
    Am reading Cop Town by Karin Slaughter....check it out!!!

  2. Love Janet Evanovich, but I'm behind on her series.

    Rainy stitching weekend here also, have a great week, love staring my day reading your blog!

  3. Wonderful pillow...I just finished "The Lake House" by Kate Morton :)

  4. Wonderful pillow...I just finished "The Lake House" by Kate Morton :)

  5. The pillow is beautiful and perfect for Valentines.


  6. I've adored that cute pillow since she packaged it for sale! so sweet!!

  7. Love the finish, pretty colors.
    Hiding here in the house from the weather, but in no mood to stitch today, hoping tomorrow will be better for that.

  8. Darling pillow design! Am reading The Magic Years of Beatrix Potter as Suzette and I are travelling to the Lake District this year!!! Rainy here...

  9. Mmmmmm... crepes!!! :-) Love this little pillow! I always attempt to "stitch in season", but never finish what I started in sad season... lol! Great idea to pick them up again and try again this season! :-)

    1. oooops! Should be "said season"... not "sad season"... *blush*