Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Humpty Dumpty...Quilt Day

How Rude!!!  I was playing a game of Words with Friends on my phone with my girlfriend Colleen.  When I logged my move an advertisement came up for this on my phone!!!  First of all...Senior...really!!!???!!!  And, are they for real?  A Senior Fall Alert Help Button.  How is the beegeebee's did they find out I was a....

Fall Risk?
sometimes your photos come back to haunt you

Yesterday was a great day with the Woolies.  It was a loud lively group and I had some great laughs which is always good for the soul.  Most of us were working on projects that have been ongoing but there were a few new creations.  QuiltWorks was filled with new fabrics, class, I hope you enjoy the slide show :)  As for is Humpty Dumpty day of the week and I am going to quilt all day :) on a UFO!!!

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  1. Love your 'headband'...hey it could be worse! It could say something totally inappropriate!:o)
    Love all the lovely wool work! SEW inspirational!

  2. Some lovely wool inspiration there along with other great suff.

    Enjoy your Hump Day UFao stitching!

    Back to finish the last Dogwood bird block for me today. Then onto Eggplant trio!

  3. Giggle~ your headband just gave me a fit of the giggles! :-) Love all the inspiration~ Mary's mug rugs are so cute!! Happy stitchin'!

  4. What a great bunch of projects - I loved them all!