Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Give Away Day 6!!! And the Winner of Day 4!!!

Boy, does this say it all!!!  I have been processing a lot of emotions, trying to figure out this crazy thing we call "Life"...pondering my "word" for 2016 and knowing that next year is going to be an incredible year of growth.

Yesterday a dear friend stopped by with this incredible gift!!!  I got teary!  Enzo tried to lets us know that he doesn't look that goofy cute...but, the fact is that this pillow captured the essence of our Best Friend!  Actually...the look on his face is exactly what he looks like when the fire alarm goes off!

I hope you are enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away as much as I am!  Let's get on with it...the Winner of the Day 4 Primitive Gathering Snowflake Garden is....Paula DiMattei!!!  Please send me your mailing address.  And now for the Day 6 Give Away!  A great pattern by Fig Tree Quilts.  If you are interested in this pattern just leave a comment on this blog post...and you know the drill, please be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog :)

For you Jimmy Fallon Fans (which I am one of) here is a 
video that will bring a smile to your heart.


  1. Your new pillow looks adorable.
    I see the likeness.
    I am enjoying your 12 Days of Christmas.
    Pink Door Studio

  2. LOVED the vid...I think I am going to play it again! But first I need to hang my head in shame...yes, I own this pattern and have loved it for YEARS...I bought fabric for it (green and beige) and then saw it last year at Road to CA done up in Black and mottled beige...knocked my socks off! You might want to rethink keeping this pattern...it's a winner! :o)) I will see if I can find the picture of it! Now back to the show...

  3. http://sweetp-paulette.blogspot.ca/2013/01/the-2013-road-to-california-quilt-show.html

    OK, it was 2013 (time flies when you are having fun...:) It's the second to last photo. WAY nicer in real life...just sayin'!

  4. What a cute pillow of Enzo , you have a very talented and thoughtful friend!

  5. I agree with your saying to the nth degree!

    Pillow Enzo is adorable I can see how it brought you to tears.

    Anything stars is fair game in my world, it is lovely.

    This video is another winner...score 4/4 for me!

    Hope your sewing table delivery and set up went well. Have a great day Anna.

  6. What an adorable pillow! I love the expression. I like Jimmy's 'band' too~ he always makes me laugh. Thanks for the chance~ I love stars!

  7. ohhh i love your pillow. That is so special. what a nice friend you have. but I"m sure YOU have many :)

  8. Enjoy life!
    Thanks for sharing your journey!!

  9. I really like this pattern. Thanks for the chance to win in your draw.

  10. I love the Enzo pillow!
    How great.
    Congrats to Paula.
    Yes, count me in too.
    I have some I need to say good bye to!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing and Congrats to all of your winners.

  12. That saying is the best and so true! Oh my, that pillow is so adorable. Lucky you to have such a sweet friend gift that to you!

  13. Love the pillow. What a great gift from a friend.

  14. The Enzo pillow is adorable--what a great gift!!