Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day 3 Give Away & The Day 1 Winner!!!

Yesterday the Berries met for our Christmas Party Potluck, 
The Mug Rug Gift exchange and a bit of stitching!  
Sue, who was the hostess lives in a peaceful bit of 
Sisters heaven.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram 
have seen the mug rug I made...
love the bit of woolie in the rug!

...And here is the mug I received from Cathy!  

It is going in our RV!!!  
After all it is a camping themed mug and 
there is even a little painting of 
Enzo on the mug!!!

I have to share with you what one of the Berries does every holiday season...I am sooooo doing this!!!  She started it in 2006 on her dining room table cloth.  Every one who attends dinner either at Thanksgiving or Christmas signs their name in pencil with some drawing or note + the year.  Then she embroiders thread for Thanksgiving and red thread for Christmas!!!  OMG what a wonderful heirloom of the guests who spend the holiday with her and her husband!!

Some of the messages are poignant...some are hysterical...some include relationships which have some and is a history of the holidays :)

Even her pet left an impression!

OK, on to the winner of Day One...Glass by Lindi!!!  Send me your mailing address and I will drop it in the mail!  Congratulations!  You have 24 more hours to leave a comment on Give Away Day 2...don't miss out!  As for the Day 3 Give Away...remember this small quilt I made in honor of my mom.

At the time of her passing she was the oldest practicing Realtor in the State of California.  And the board had given her a pin in commemoration with 4 Rubies for each year...which I included in the wall hanging.

The Give Away for Day 3 is the pattern I used by Primitive Gatherings.  My mom was a sailor but if you don't like the anchor you can put anything you want in the center of the star!  If you are interested in this mini pattern please leave a comment on this post and please be a registered follower of the Woolie blog :)

Have a great Thursday...
I am off this morning to my mammogram...
I hope you have had yours this year!  Enjoy the video!


  1. Your mug rugs are darling! And thank you soooo much for the Jimmy Fallon bit. Great fun in the morning. Happy holidays!!!

  2. I didn't realize you did both mug rug and mus for the exchange. How lucky were you both with your gifts. The table oth idea is lovely.

    I adore Jimmy Fallon and his songs, this is a great one.

    I hope someone deserving wins your mini quilt, not necessary to include me.

  3. What a adorable mug with Enzo on it, perfect for the trailer :-D The mug rug you made is AWESOME !!!

    I would love to win this pattern.. I have been wanting to make this quilt for my Grandson

  4. Yep I have done my mammogram for this year.

    Love your rug mug. Both of my Grandsons are in band so the music fabric delighted me.

  5. I love that Enzo is pictured on your mug. This is fun swap that you quilters do. And thanks for the mammogram reminder. I will do that tomorrow morning.

  6. Your mug rug is cute!
    Thanks for the pattern sharing chance!

  7. love the mug, hope Enzo approves of it, grin!

  8. Love your mug rug! Sending Enzo a hug!

  9. Love your mug rug. Love the wool on it. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern .

  10. Love your mug rug. Love the wool on it. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern .

  11. The tablecloth is such a great idea--may have to borrow that one!

  12. Great idea with the tablecloth. I love the mug rugs too. I would love a chance for the anchor quilt. My son is in the navy and I thought that would be a great one to make for him. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Cute mug rugs! Our wool group is going to exchange Christmas ornaments at our party. Would love to win the anchor pattern as my Mom was a WAVE in the Navy during WWII. Thanks for your generosity!

  14. I love the mug you got. Being an RVer myself I can completely understand your reasoning for its use.

    I have started making a lot of mini quilts and this one is darling.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Sherry V. crazyquiltpatcher AT yahoo DOT com

  15. Sweet mug rugs! The tablecloth idea is really neat~ wish I had done it when my kids were all smaller, that would have been fun! Thanks for the chance on the pattern. Have a great day!

  16. Always up for a giveaway your mug rug is adorable really like the camping one being a fellow camper.

  17. Love your mug rugs! They are adorable!

  18. Beautiful pattern. Thanks so much for sharing

  19. Beautiful pattern. Thanks so much for sharing