Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Wind Began to Switch...the House to Pitch...

Yesterday we had a storm blow through where the winds topped 70 miles and hour!!!  Our BBQ is toast...totally distroyed after if flew off our back patio and this morning I will be on the hunt for one of my patio chair cushions that is probably in Munchin Land!!!  In the meantime I am catching up on my quilting life to share with you :)

It isn't lost on me how blessed I am to be living in Sisters and having a sister who lives in Napa...I am not going to question how this happened...instead I am enjoying every moment.  My sis lives right near a vineyard area where the balloons take off and land and I love the different designs quilts in flight!

My sis also is a fabulous cook and must be a requirement if you live in Napa...much like quilting is almost a religion in Sisters, LOL.  She is a wonderful bread maker and during my last visit I learned a little bit about the art of bread baking...hers looks spectacular...mine...not so much but it tasted good!

While in Napa the library had a wonderful quilting display of small quilts and I have to say...I was really drawn to the idea of making a series of small quilts using different techniques...just to get a taste of them without committing to a huge project!  Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. We also had quite the windstorm up here in the Vancouver B.C. Area with power outages, fallen trees etc. Fortunately I didn't loose power but listening to the power of the wind was amazing.

    Lovely quilt show, I never would of thought to make bread in my le creuset cookware!

  2. Great show at the library! I love that blue coneflower quilt :-) Hope you find your cushion! That must have been quite a storm!

  3. Love seeing balloons and the designs, and you do live in a beautiful area.


  4. "...and suddenly the hinges started to--unhitch!"

    We had a windstorm last weekend, and I sang this song the whole time! :)

  5. Yikes that was some storm!
    Sisters in Napa and Sisters - it couldn't be more perfect Anna!